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This article includes Toxin Rid reviews which aim to give objective and accurate information about the products marketed under it.

Toxin Rid, the name indicates is a wellness brand that promotes a line of detoxifying products. It aims to help customers detox and get rid of harmful toxins from their bodies. It promotes a range of items that promise a detoxifying experience. Products are designed as per the number of days of detoxification that one wishes to go through.

For instance, the one-day detoxifying plan is to help customers get rid of light toxins from their bodies. On the other hand, if one wishes to undergo ten-day long detoxification, the products that the brand recommends include ingredients in different proportions. The Toxin Rid pills will help work the system in a more comprehensive way to ensure that one?s body gets rid of toxins completely.

Many states in the US have made use of cannabis legal, especially for medical purposes. As a result, those who suffer from chronic ailments often opt for different forms of weed. However, in the case of employment medical tests, many people need to pass lab tests successfully. THC is often the main substance that is screened for in these tests.

Also, the consumption of different types of cannabis can remain in one?s system for a long time. Though everyone?s constitution is different, it is known that THC can remain evident in the human body for as long as 90 days. If the test is done before 90 days is over, it can show up in your system. Therefore, if you need to take a test before this period, it would be safer if you flush your system of toxins.

As part of the brands detox products, it makes use of a wide array of natural ingredients, namely vitamins, minerals, and herbs, all of which work together in harmony to help cleanse the system completely. The manufacturer claims that no animal products, synthetics, or fillers are used in the products.

In terms of the range of products available from the brand, they can be incorporated into any detoxification program. Toxin Rid offers products that can be used as part of a detoxification program based on the number of days one wishes to dedicate to the detoxification process. There are packs available for a maximum of 10 days and can be used for one to a maximum of one week.

Each component in these kits is made from natural ingredients which help cleanse one?s body completely from toxins. There are no synthetic materials, animal products, fillers in the pills, dietary fiber, or detox liquid. The company also assures a money-back option. That is, those who are not satisfied after taking up any of the products, can opt for money back for their purchase.

Overall Description

As per one?s body type and exposure to toxins, the company offers different cleansing products. Customers can opt for a detox program for 1 day or opt for one spanning 10 days. Those who are heavy users of cannabis will have lingering content of THC in their bloodstream. For them, opting for several days of weed detox programs is beneficial. The company accordingly offers 2, 3, 4, and 5 days as well as 7 or 10 days of detox programs.

The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee with each purchase, albeit that the returns are informed to the company from before and the customer care team accepts returns of the same. Hence, customers are assured that there is no risk when they make a purchase of any product from this company.

The kits are reasonably priced. Each kit contains a bottle of pro rid tablets, detox fiber in a bottle, and a bottle containing detox liquid. The smallest kit is designed for one day. It is priced at $54.95 while the 10-day detox kit comes for $189.99.

Products of this brand are cataloged as per the number of days detox program you wish to undertake:

1-Day Detox Program

This is a three-part detox product that includes tablets for detoxification as well as dietary fiber and a liquid component. Each of these substances has powerful detox ingredients to ensure safe and effective detox of the system.

  • The pre rid pills need to be taken hourly, three for each hour, for five hours. The pills should accompany high fiber and lean protein food intake. Customers should also consume plenty of water throughout the day as they detox.
  • The detox liquid should be taken 2 hours after the final set of pills is taken. You need to drink 16 oz of orange juice or water with half of this liquid. Also, you need to give a break for two hours after this. Once two hours are over, you can then consume the remaining liquid.
  • After you consume the detox liquid, you need to fast again, for a period of 2 hours. After this, you can eat or drink as you normally do.
  • Dietary fiber, the final part of the program, needs to be prepared by mixing it in 8 oz water for an hour before consumption. You need to drink the mixture in two minutes. After a time gap of 15 minutes, you can drink 16 oz of water maximum.

2-Day Detox Program

When you purchase this product it will lead you through a detoxification system with a combination of pre rid pills, liquid detox, and dietary fiber to consume. The products are made of natural ingredients which include herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals. It is recommended for those who have had light to moderate exposure to toxins, before a mouth swab.

  • On day one you need to take the pills as per the standard instructions provided. You also need to combine this with the intake of high fiber foods as well as lean protein. You also need to consume lots of water.
  • On day two the same directions as on day one need to be followed.
  • On the second day, you need to drink half of the detox liquid; 2 hours after the last set of pills are consumed, as per Toxin Rid instructions. The remaining liquid should be taken after two hours.
  • Intermittent fasting is advised after this as well as intake of dietary fiber which is optional.

7-Day Detox Program

This is a detoxification system that one can follow for seven days. Like other packages of this brand, there are pre rid pills enough for six days of detoxification along with liquid detox and dietary fiber included.

  • As in the other programs, in the seven-day detox kit, the plan for intake of the different components is detailed for the customer. During the first 6 days of the program, you need to consume the tablets mainly, three for each hour, for a period of five hours. Intake of the pills should be accompanied by lean protein and high-fiber foods. Also, one needs to drink plenty of water.
  • On the last day, the customer needs to take the detox liquid as per the instructions provided. Also, dietary fiber can also be consumed as per instructions and accompanied by intermittent fasting.

There are 3, 4, 5, and Toxin Rid 10 day detox as well. All of them are structured similarly and the requisite amount of pills, detox liquid, and dietary fiber are included in the kits as per the length of the detox program.

Details of the Detox Components

As evident from above, there are three main components of any detox program that you opt for. If you wish to know how to use Toxin Rid it is best to know more about the components. These are the following:

Pre Rid Pills

Whether you opt for the 1-day, 2 days, or 10-day program, the first step includes intake of the pills. If it is a single-day program or a ten-day program, the first few hours or the first nine days of the program include detoxification with the pills only. Every day there are a total of 15 pills to be consumed. You need to start the day by consuming 3 pills every hour, for the first five hours.

For instance, if you start taking the pills at 1 pm then you need to take 3 of the pills at such a time, preferably with a lunch meal consisting of leafy greens, and lean protein food items. The same needs to be repeated the next hour, at 2 pm. In this way, you need to continue taking 3 pills every hour, for five hours. Also, the pills need to be consumed with 8 oz of water every time.

If you are doing the detox plan for a day then this regime needs to be done for five hours of that day. If you have opted for a 10-day detox plan then you need to follow the same regime for the first 9 days.

Detox Liquid

After you have taken the pre rid pills and consumed them all, as per your detox plan, you can start on the next component of the program ? the detox liquid. You need to consume this at least 2 hours after you have consumed the last set of pills. You need to take half of the detox liquid or 5 oz, with water or orange juice. You also need to abstain from eating anything for the next two hours. After this, you need to consume the remaining amount of the detox liquid, in the same manner. You then need to fast for 2 more hours. Once this fast period is over you can eat and drink normal eatable things.

Dietary Fiber

This is an optional component of the detox program. This means that, if you feel that ingesting the former components was enough for you to pass urine drug test, you need not take up this component. However, it will surely help to cleanse your system of all toxins completely. If you have taken up the 1-day detox plan then this becomes an essential part to ensure success.

When you wish to consume this fluid ensure that you mix the entire contents in 8 ounces of water. Let this sit for an hour before you drink it. You also need to drink it up in two minutes. After this, you should flush your system with 16 ounces of water.

If you are wondering does Toxin Rid work there are many satisfied customer testimonials that point in that direction. It is imperative, however, that you follow instructions given, pertaining to the time intervals and intermittent fasting that is prescribed in the programs. When all these details are followed, including the liquid and food intake prescribed, you are sure to get optimal results.

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

This is another product in their catalog. It is designed using the original Macujo method. This has proven effective in helping to remove toxins from hair follicles. The kit contains the proprietary shampoo as well as a zydot shampoo. It is advised that one refrain from consuming any form of toxin before using this cleanse.

The manufacturer recommends that, if there is a day when your system needs to be clean for testing purposes, you need to use the shampoo as well a few days before that. This will help you to have the cleanest constitution, helping your body to be rid of all toxins quickly. If possible, users should use the shampoo for at least three to ten days. In case one does not have much time they need to use the product several times a day.

One should follow directions and start to use the cleaner, shampooing as directed. Effects take place in a time span of 90 minutes and the flush effect will last for 6 hours. It is recommended that the formulation be combined with normal shampoo and conditioner. It is known to be effective in removing old layers of oil found on the scalp.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

This is a company that manufactures and sells a proprietary formulation. The detoxifying programs and other products are natural solutions patented by the company. They are designed to help customers cleanse their system of toxins in a successful manner.

The company has a postal address provided in the Contact Us section as to where to buy Toxin Rid. Hence, customers can get in touch by filling out the contact form, writing letters to the postal address, or by calling the toll-free number given:

  • Address: PO Box 2011 Redmond, WA-98073-2011 US
  • Toll-free number: 1-877-TOXIN-74

Besides the above contact information customers can also ask their queries using the live chat option.<.p>

From the official website, it is evident that the proprietary wellness products are produced at FDA-approved facilities. The company states that the products should be purchased by people who are 18 years or older. Also, they should not use the products to cure, prevent or diagnose any disease. The manufacturer also advises that customers should refer to their physician before they opt for any cleansing product from the site or purchase any detox program from it. The manufacturer also assures that good manufacturing practices or standards are followed.<.p>

Cautionary measures are also mentioned by the manufacturer on the official site in its disclaimer about does Toxin Rid really work. It warns that the products should be consumed after consultation with a physician. Also, if one is pregnant then they should take it only after consulting their doctor. Since there are laxative effects in these products customers should keep the products away from the reach of children.

The products of the Toxin Rid brand are certified as gluten-free and vegan. The manufacturer also guarantees that no synthetic fillers or animal-based ingredients are included. The product is made in the US and also has the accolade of being the industry leader in detox since the year 2000.

Customer Support: How to Contact (Chat, Mail, Phone, Work Hours)

The following is the contact information for customers to get in touch with the customer care team of the company:

  • Customers or visitors to the site can use the contact us form on the website to mail in their queries.
  • They can also provide their queries on the live chat.
  • Customers can also call in at the toll-free number 1-877-TOXIN-74.

There are also helpful ways for customers to choose the right product they want. They can specify the amount of exposure to toxins and accordingly get the right product suggested to them. In case of failed tests, they can mail back the test results and get in touch with the customer support team to get a refund of their money.

What Additional Products Would Be Useful to Buy with it?

Additional products that are sold on the Toxin Rid site are brands that are affiliate partners of this brand. These are the following:

Zydot Shampoo

It is priced at $35.95. This is marketed as ultra-clean shampoo that provides a purifying treatment. It helps to remove medications and impurities such as chemical buildup within the hair shaft.

Mega Clean Drink

In Addition to the detox liquid that comes with all the detox programs of Toxin Rid, customers can also consider Mega Clean for similar benefits. It can help in cleansing the system and acts as a dietary supplement, including different kinds of natural ingredients. It supports cleansing of all four systems such as circulatory, metabolic, lymphatic, and excretory, for opiates and other toxins. The supplement formulation helps remove toxins from the liver, kidneys, blood, and intestines. It is priced at $35.95.

It comes in a one-liter bottle and has a wild berry or tropical fruit flavor. When you purchase this drink you also get 6 capsules of PreCleanse supplement. These can be taken 12 or 24 hours before you cleanse your system with the drink. Also, the drink should be consumed after you have laid off all toxins for a period of 48 hours. When the drink is consumed ensure that you drink at least 16 to 20 ounces of water before and after the drink. You can look up more details on the product on the official site such as how long does it last.

Accurate Hair Confirm Home Testing Kit

This is a hair test kit that you can use at home. While most urine test kits can detect 3 to 5 days of toxins in the urine, this hair test kit can detect up to 90 days. This kit is priced at $135.99 and assures that it is a reliable testing method. The detection window is a long one, 90 days. The kit cost includes lab tests whose results are given back in a time span of 3 to 9 days.

The results are kept confidential. Purchasers can send their hair samples with the kit provided and get the results of their hair test through secure access on a portal. All that a user has to do is collect the hair sample and prepare the same for mailing as per provisions given in the kit. They need to mail the sample back to the lab with the prepaid shipping label that is provided. One can then log onto the website to know the results through secure user access.

Pros and Cons

Advantages of using products of this brand are the following:

  • The effectiveness of the product is evident within an hour.
  • Made of natural ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, and herbs.
  • Detox kits are of varying lengths, from a single day to 10-day kits.
  • If it does not work for a customer, they can seek 100% money back from the company.
  • Major retailers stock this brand?s products and most customers have given positive reviews.

Limitations of the brand are the following:

  • The website does not reveal many details about the manufacturer.
  • A detailed description of the ingredients in the detox kits is missing.
  • Prices are high compared to similar products in the market.
  • Social media profiles of the brand are missing.

Compared with Other Products

There are certain products that are similar to Toxin Rid in the market. For instance, Rescue 5 Day Detox is often resorted to which is a cheaper alternative. This detox kit is similar and lasts for five days. However, this product offers a detox program for 5 days only.

Stinger Detox is another popular product that can be pitted against Toxin Rid as per effectiveness. Stinger Detox has been around for a longer time, since the mid-nineties. It has a reliable reputation for helping marijuana users get cleansed of their weed consumption, especially for passing tests. However, this product works by metabolizing the fatty acids. The product comes in varying strengths. Toxin Rid, on the other hand, helps detoxify all the different systems of the body.


1. Can Toxin Rid Products Help Detox the Body from Alcohol Effects?

The product does not only flush your system from drugs but all forms of toxins. The products of Toxin Rd can help flush your system from alcoholic substances as well. Hence, you can opt for detox kits of this brand to flush your system and pass any test that detects alcohol in your system.

2. How Long Do the Effects Last?

In most cases, it is recommended that you abstain from exposing yourself to toxins for at least 48 hours before you start on any of the detox kits. You can ask customer support to clarify which detox kit would work for you, as per your level of exposure to toxins.

3. Will the Product Work a Day Before a Drug Test?

If your exposure to toxins has been mild then a single day?s detox kit should be sufficient. Many people have found a high success rate with this kit itself.

4. Can Toxin Rid Help Pass Urinalysis for Opiates?

Yes, it can help flush the system of all kinds of toxins including opiates as well.

5. Would the Product Show Up in a Lab Test?

No, Toxin Rid detox substances are not detected in any lab test. That is mainly because the ingredients are all-natural and vegan.

6. Where Do I Get Toxin Rid Detox Near Me?

There are many reputed online marketplaces where you can buy products of Toxin Rid including the official website of the brand. You can buy it from Walmart, Amazon, and other e-marketplaces where wellness and health products are sold.


Toxin Rid reviews Amazon and other marketplaces and wellness forums show that the detox kits are quite reliable in helping customers pass detectable drug tests successfully. The length of time for the removal of toxins from the body needs to be clarified at the time of purchase of the pills or remedies. However, with the right duration, the detox kits have helped many to flush their system of all toxins completely. It is easy to purchase from the official site or from e-marketplaces such as Amazon.