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Are you looking for Test Boost Max reviews? If yes, then read on because we are going to investigate whether the testosterone supplement is worth your money or not.

When we think about masculinity some common characteristics come to mind. Deep voice, strong muscles, body hair, and facial hair to name a few of them. And the reason behind these physical features is the androgen called Testosterone. Though the hormone is present in both sexes, the level of testosterone is much higher in males.

Test Boost Max Honest Review


How Does Testosterone Influence a Man’s Body?

Testosterone plays a vital role in men’s life. They influence the human body in many ways. Following are some of the reasons why having a balanced Testosterone level is crucial:

  1. Testosterone influences the size of the penis and the testicles
  2. A good testosterone level helps women with healthy reproductive tissue
  3. The hormone also affects your bone density
  4. Testosterone can influence your libido
  5. It helps to build muscle mass
  6. Testosterone has been associated with hair growth

The level of testosterone can vary. Factors like your age or gender are such examples. According to the American Urological Association, a low testosterone level means an individual has less than 300 nanograms per deciliter.

Males from 19 to 39 years should have a standard level of testosterone ranging from 264 to 916 ng/dL suggested by a study published in 2017. Anything higher than the mentioned level is considered to be abnormal.

These days 1 out of 4 males who are in their late 30s struggle with low testosterone. This can hurt their body and mind. Thus, many of them look for supplements potent enough to restore balance.

Test Boost Max is a testosterone supplement that promises to support lean muscle, increase libido, energize the body, and help lose body fat. Now these are some serious promises to keep. So, let’s dive into the review to see if the Test Boost Max can uphold these promises.

So, What Is This Test Boost Max Testosterone Supplement?

People have mixed opinions when it comes to Test Boost Max reviews. According to the official website of Sculpt Nation, the manufacturer of the supplement, Test Boost Max is for those who have been struggling with their weight, or sex drive and want to energize the body.

It may help increase lean muscle mass so you can get the body of your dream.  Test Boost Max is an all-natural testosterone-boosting dietary supplement. The ingredients of Test Boost Max do have scientific evidence to support their claim. However, the website doesn’t report any clinical trials done on humans that can solidify this claim.

How Does Sculpt Nation’s Test Boost Max Work?

As I have mentioned, having a low testosterone level does not just affect your physical stature it also affects how you perceive yourself. It lowers your confidence which is why people often report a lower sexual drive.

Test Boost Max has 8 active ingredients. As per scientific studies, these ingredients have the potency to improve blood circulation, increase the level of testosterone, bolster stamina, and manage the body’s cortisol level.

So, when your blood circulation is improved you feel all energized and healthy. Controlled cortisol levels mean less stress and better stamina makes you more confident. If you consider all these facts, it makes sense why Test Boost Max provided a 100% guarantee for the product to work.

But this can also be the placebo effect. When you see that a product has all the right ingredients for your problem and believe that it can help, you start to feel optimistic and confident. This can trigger the release of hormones linked with health and wellness.

Test Boost Max Ingredients

All the ingredients used in making Test Boost Max are found in nature. Some of them, according to scientific research, are great to enhance the testosterone level in men. A few of them work to strengthen stamina and endurance.

But it seems like the majority of the ingredients are best known for their effect to increase libido. Let’s have a look at the ingredients of Test Boost Max for a better understanding.

1. American Ginseng

This stimulant ingredient help improve the immune system. American Ginseng is also an adaptogen known to lessen stress.

2. Tribulus Terrestris

Researchers from Columbia University found that this herb can help increase the strength of the erection and keep it erect for longer.  This is also great for bolstering testosterone levels.

The ingredient has potent androgenic action. Androgenic action has been associated with enhanced athletic performance and strengthened physical appearance. Tribulus Terrestris is also known to increase your sexual drive and enhance your performance in bed.

3. Eleuthero Root

You may also know this ingredient as Siberian ginseng. The extract from the root can lower anxiety, control stress, and relieve fatigue. People also use it to fight against certain illnesses.

4. Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a type of mushroom potent enough to treat some types of sexual dysfunction. It works for both males and females. Some even believe it to work like an aphrodisiac found in nature. But there is no evidence to support this belief and doctors don’t recommend it.

5. Longjack Root

The benefits of Longjack are many. Some even call it Tongkat Ali. Longjack is a South Asian flowering plant root. The root is highly used for the treatment of sexual issues like ED, premature ejaculation, etc.

This plant is filled with antioxidants which work to neutralize the free radicals in your body. Melting body fat and rebuilding muscle mass, and lowering stress and anxiety are some of the Longjack benefits backed by scientific evidence.

6. Epimedium

Healers in Japan and China have been using Epimedium for decades to alleviate some specific types of health conditions. According to a few studies, this ingredient is observed to be effective in boosting the level of testosterone present in mice.

But no study was done on humans to check if the ingredient is potent enough to help human participants.

7. Hawthorn Berry Extract

The extract from this ingredient works by widening the blood vessels. Doing so improves circulation and thus more blood reaches the penis. The more blood gets to the penis the harder it becomes. But Hawthorn Berry still needs a lot of research to establish this claim.

8. Ashwagandha Root

Ashwagandha is an ingredient that has a lot of health benefits. Researchers have seen that Ashwagandha can lower stress, and anxiety, boost athletic performance, and support overall mental health and well-being. This also works for increasing testosterone levels along with male fertility.

Ashwagandha Root also fights against inflammation, supports better functioning of the brain and the immune system, and strengthens memory. It is also good for people with sleeping problems as it increases your sleep quality. This also improves men’s bedroom performance and treats sexual dysfunctions. 

Manufacturer Information of Test Boost Max

Maker Sculpt Nation
Brand Test Boost Max

Sculpt Nation reviews are great when it comes to their products. Sculpt Nation started its journey in 2015. This US-based sports nutrition brand is best known for the fat burning products.

All their products are GMP and FDA certified. Over a million people use their supplements. You can visit their official website to make your purchase. Currently, it costs $41.00 for a bottle of Test Boost Max. But if you order in bulk you can save up to 51% since it costs only $195 for 6 bottles of Test Boost Max.

You can also order Test Boost Max from Walmart, eBay, or Amazon. But the price may be a bit higher than the price offered on Test Boost Max’s official website. Moreover, there is a risk of being scammed with cheap knockoffs on these retail sites. So it is best to buy from the manufacturers directly.

Do Test Boosters Work?

Test boosters do work if they include the elements that are known as testosterone enhancers. In terms of Test Boost Max, it seems like they did a good job with the research. The selected ingredients have scientific backing to boost the level of testosterone. Some of the ingredients have been used for decades to promote male sexuality and fertility.

The problem is when you do better research on the ingredients you will see that some of the ingredients have opposing data too. This contradiction can make anyone doubtful. Also, Test Boost Max doesn’t include the result from clinical trials done on humans. So we are not sure if they have tested the Test Boost Max on humans

Test Boost Max VS.  Nugenix Total T

The products are all-natural testosterone-boosting supplements. But what sets them apart is the number of tests done before launching it for the mass to use. On one hand, Test Boost Max contains traditionally used herbal roots and plants to increase the testosterone of the body. Scientific research did find these ingredients beneficial but it lacks human trials.

Test Boost Max VS. Nugenix Total T

On the other hand, Nugenix Total T is a heavily researched supplement that has been tested on humans. But it looks like Nugenix Total T has gone overboard with a few of the ingredients which is concerning.

Sculpt Nation supplements review is great but GNC has awarded Nugenix Total T as the ‘Top Product of The Year.

Even though Test Boost Max and Nugenix Total T are pretty similar products but Nugenix Total T costs more than Test Boost Max.

Test Boost Max Nugenix Total T
It is a testosterone and libido-boosting supplement It is a testosterone- and vitality-boosting supplement
Lacks human trials A heavily researched supplement
Costs 41 dollars for a bottle Costs $69.99 per bottle
The ingredients are more potent to boost sexual drive Overloaded with a few ingredients like boron and fenugreek which is unnecessary
It is a GMP and FDA-certified product Awarded as the best product of the year by GNC

Test Boost Max VS. TestoPrime

Both products have a lot of similarities like being 100% natural testosterone boosters. But they have some notable differences too. Test Boost Max seems to be more effective for those who want to increase their testosterone level and improve their sexual performance. But analyzing the ingredients of TestoPrime we can see that the supplement is developed to benefit professional athletes the most.

Test Boost Max VS. Testoprime

People looking for a supplement that can enhance training benefits and reduce recovery time often prefer TestoPrime. If losing weight, gaining muscle mass, and increasing testosterone is the target, customers go for Test Boost Max.

The best thing about TestoPrime is that anti-doping tests are unable to detect the presence of the performance enhancer supplement but we are so sure if Test Boost Max has this benefit.

How exactly Test Boost Max works to boost testosterone is not clear. The ingredients used to make the formula is good but the mechanism is still vague. On the contrary, TestoPrime works by stimulating the pituitary gland to secrete luteinizing hormone (LH) which then triggers the testes to produce testosterone.

Test Boost Max has some effective ingredients but lacks the inclusion of vitamins whereas TestoPrime is well-balanced in this section. Coming to the prices, Test Boost Max is more affordable than TestoPrime.

Test Boost Max  TestoPrime
Costs only 41 dollars for a bottle Costs 64.99 dollars a bottle
The working mechanism of the supplement is unclear The product works by triggering the luteinizing hormone
Lacks some crucial nutrients like vitamins in the formula It is packed with vitamins and other nutrients
Might be a good choice for those who want to enhance their sexual drive by enhancing testosterone. This is a good option for promoting athletic performance.
It doesn’t have any anabolic hormone and since it is a natural product it should go undetected if a user undergoes an anti-doping test. The supplement is untraceable in an anti-doping test.

Pros & Cons of Test Boost Max


  • It is a blend of 8 potent natural ingredients
  • Test Boost Max has Ashwagandha root in it known for countless health benefits
  • Test Boost Max has a free training program for their customers
  • Includes ingredients that work to enhance athletic performance
  • Makes sexual life more satisfactory
  • Work to treat certain sexual problems
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee


  • The blend lacks essential vitamins and minerals
  • Costs more than similar testosterone-boosting supplements in the market
  • Other similar products have more ingredients dedicated to enhancing the level of testosterone.

Is It Bad to Take Testosterone Boosters At the 20s?

It is not bad but is not good either. Normally, the level of testosterone peaks in healthy males when they are in their 20s. So, they don’t need to take supplements. Taking supplements will only make your testosterone level go abnormal. And trust me you don’t want that to happen.

Now because of some accident, illness, or injury, your testosterone level can drop. So, if you have a testosterone deficiency then it is safe to take testosterone boosters even if you are in your 20s. But it is best to consult with your doctor first. He will tell you if you need these products or not.

Test Boost Max Side Effects

You need to take 3 Test Boost Max pills a day for increasing your testosterone level. It doesn’t specify when should you take them or if you need to have them after or before eating food. Normally, Test Boost Max doesn’t have any serious side effects. But people have reported certain discomfort after taking a few of the ingredients present in the supplement individually.

Ingesting Tribulus Terrestris can cause stomach aches. If you take blood pressure medication, then Dr. Lark strongly recommends consulting with a physician about whether or not Ginseng (or a product containing this ingredient) should be taken. It can drastically lower your blood pressure.

Moreover, Hawthorne berry extract has been noted to make people nauseous and dizzy. But when you look at the amount of these ingredients present in Test Boost Max you will see that the proportion is way lower so it doesn’t cross the safety limit.

Thus, even if you are allergic to any of the natural ingredients or worry about the mentioned effect, rest your mind since the reaction might be too mild for you to notice.

Customer Reviews

Positive Review

Cavin is elated after using Test Boost Max. Using the supplement and doing regular exercise accelerate the effectiveness of the product.

Test Boost Max Review 1

Yes, you need to take them regularly as instructed to see optimal results.

Test Boost Max Review 2

Negative Review

Randy doesn’t give any details so it is hard to tell what went wrong. But it’s important to continue with the pills for a certain period to note the difference.

Test Boost Max Review 3

Sadly, Eric did not benefit from Test Boost Max but he can ask for a refund.

Test Boost Max Review 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Are testosterone boosters safe?

Usually, they are safe for ingestion. But some ingredients might have allergens causing an allergic reaction. Test Boost Max is also a safe option you can consider. But some users have commented about small side effects like indigestion, dizziness, and nausea.

Men with physical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure should not take this supplement before contacting their doctors.

How to tell if my testosterone level is low?

You need to look for the symptoms for a start. Being always tired, having trouble focusing, reduced sexual desire are some of the vital symptoms. Some even start to gain a lot of weight because of it.

But people can have these symptoms for other reasons too. Thus, the best way to know is to get checked by a doctor.

What should I do to increase my testosterone levels naturally?

Make some small but healthy choices. Switch to a healthy food habit and eat proportionately. Quit smoking and lower your alcohol consumption. Excursing and taking enough rest also help increase this hormone.

Does Test Boost Max have hormones in the formula?

No. it is an all-natural testosterone enhancer that doesn’t include any type of hormone. The supplement uses traditional herbs and roots known for their health benefits only.

Final Verdict

Test Boost Max may help you increase your testosterone level and boost your libido. But if you are a sports person and would like to take supplements to improve your performance then this might not be the best option.

TestoPrime reviews are great when it comes to increasing athletic performance. And if you don’t mind spending a bit more, you can avail much better options.