Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox


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Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox is a detoxification system that consists of:

  • 150 pills
  • 1 oz of dietary fiber
  • 1 fluid oz of detox liquid

How to use

In the first step, you need to take three detox kit tablets every hour for five hours daily with an 8 oz glass of water. For the detox drink in the second step, you need to fast for two hours after taking the last set of rid tablets on the final day. Then you take the detox liquid in two parts, along with 8 to 16 ounces of distilled water or orange juice. You need to wait for two hours before eating or drinking anything. The optional third step involves using a dietary fiber supplement if you have a drug screening scheduled between day one to day four after you finish your detox program. The product is designed to eliminate toxins from the body, and for maximum results, one should drink half a gallon of water daily and eat a healthy diet consisting of fresh vegetables, fruits, and lean meats.

Useful tips for the 10-day detox program

  1. Consumption & Frequency: What you consume, how often, and for how long you have consumed them are major factors to consider when selecting a detox program.
  2. Height and Weight: Your height and body weight are other major factors in selecting the correct program. Individuals who struggle with obesity or have more weight have a longer detox process.
  3. Metabolism: If you have a fast metabolism, your body will process the detox quicker than someone who has a slower metabolism. THC stays in the system for at least 30 days on average, but it is possible for the elimination of THC to take over 100 days without a general cleansing.
  4. Exercise: It is recommended that you refrain from heavy exercise while on the detox program. The program is designed to target the fat cells of your body to expel the toxins from your body. Exercising will counteract the program and make it more difficult for the toxins to be expelled before your drug test.

Answers to some frequently asked questions

How long do I need to be clean to pass a drug test?

It depends on the substances you’ve been using and the frequency of use. The 10-Day detox program is our longest one, mean for extreme toxin exposure.

Can I use alcohol or legal THC during the detox?

No, it is recommended that you refrain from using alcohol and legal THC during the detox process.

Can I use this product to pass a hair drug test?

No, this product is not meant for passing a hair drug test. It will clear your body of toxins that can be identified using a urine test, blood test, or saliva test.

    Additional information


    3 tablets

    Ideal Time of Day

    10 days before you pass a test

    Experience Level

    Extreme toxin exposure

    Additional Flavors

    Lab Tested product