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Vibrant Day

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Look Beautiful…Feel Incredible…Have a Vibrant Day!

Imagine feeling truly awake all day—mentally and physically. Having the energy to not only “do it all” but wanting to do it all. Picture your eyes clear and sparkling…your skin radiant, smooth, and glowing with good health. You feel strong, healthy, and positive—every day!

That’s what the right multivitamin can and should do for you. Not only in the short-term, but also for lifelong good health. Based on Dr. Lark’s experience, that means it must be packed with nature’s most powerful antioxidants to fight aging and promote healthy skin, hair and nails…plus give you the critical nutrients every woman needs to support breast, bone, heart health, and soaring energy levels every day.

Dr. Lark’s NEW Vibrant Day does all this in just three pills once a day—giving you the best forms of all the essential nutrients you need plus the amazing, age-fighting power that you only get from the newest, most tremendous antioxidant discoveries…

  • Look and feel like you’ve stopped time with nature’s greatest age-fighters—together only in new Vibrant Day! Wrinkles, gray hair, fatigue, brain fog—every sign of aging—point to one thing: free radicals are winning. But not for much longer. New Vibrant Day packs an incredible antioxidant punch led by superstar free-radical fighters, Extramel® Melon Juice Concentrate and resveratrol. Together, these amazing age-fighters make Vibrant Day a one-of-a-kind multivitamin that defends against age-accelerating free radicals like nothing else—keeping your skin looking young and beautiful and your cells strong and healthy. They provide complete antioxidant protection so you stay youthful and vibrant!
  • Protect yourself from becoming the incredible shrinking woman—with the most effective forms of calcium and vitamin D available. While important, keeping your bones strong and healthy goes beyond the desire to stand straight, tall, and regal. Your best insurance against becoming one of the eight million women in the United States currently dealing with serious bone concerns comes in the form of calcium and vitamin D3 (the “3” indicates cholecalciferol, the most bioavailable form)—literally. First, there’s a brand new form of calcium—carbonate from egg shells—that’s 20% MORE bioavailable than any other calcium. Add vitamin D (also an immune-supporting, heart-protecting, blood-sugar-balancing hero) and you have the absolute best pair for a lifetime of strong, healthy bones.
  • Build beautiful, good health with the “essential” nutrients every woman needs for soaring energy levels, a healthy heart, a sharp brain, and more—plus get incredible daily nourishment for smooth, beautiful skin, silky “touchable” hair, and strong, clear nails.

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New Vibrant Day gives you the best of both worlds

“…vitamins would need to be the size of a golf ball to contain everything you need—all in one pill!”

Dr. Lark wrote that nearly ten years ago, and stands behind it. She does, however, recognize that taking upwards of ten pills daily—on top of any other supplements you’re taking—can be daunting and inconvenient. She developed new Vibrant Day to give you the best of both worlds! It’s not one pill a day because there’s still no way to fit everything you need, in amounts that actually work, in one or even two pills a day. Any multivitamin formula with a daily dose of one or two pills definitely cut corners somewhere.

New Vibrant Day still lets you enjoy the simplicity of taking a few pills once a day while getting the robust, optimal dosages of all the nutrients you need to protect your heart, brain, skin, joints, vision, and more—and reap the benefits of boundless mental and physical energy!

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Get ready to feel and look vibrant, healthy and wonderful every day

Thanks to some wonderful advances in alternative medicine, Dr. Lark is now able to give you a multivitamin that fully covers all the needs of women today—in just three tablets daily! From the incredible anti-aging power of Extramel to the greater bioavailability of calcium carbonate from egg shells, you now get total coverage for extraordinary health.

And it will show. Your skin will look smooth, clear, and beautiful. You’ll exude strength and vitality. You’ll gain the confidence that comes from knowing, without a doubt, you’re getting the best possible protection against a woman’s greatest health threats by deeply nourishing your body for optimum bone health, breast health, and heart health. New Vibrant Day provides women with the best foundation possible for lifelong energy and vitality!

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