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Eat Papayas Naked Book

Eat Papayas Naked Book

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Eat Papayas Naked…and Elevate Your Health and Beauty to a Whole New Level

Eat Papayas Naked—The pH-Balanced Diet for Super Health & Glowing Beauty is a guidebook to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit.

Eat Papayas Naked isn’t a “diet.” It’s a fresh, healthy, new way of living—based on eating high-nutrient, low-stress, pH-balanced foods that’ll entice you from the first bite, keeping you healthy, slim, more energized, and absolutely radiant.

Dr. Lark will show you how to eat your way to phenomenal health and beauty—not by starving yourself, but by enjoying easy-to-prepare culinary delights. Once you savor the healthy, “naked” foods that look and taste like guilty pleasures, you won’t crave high fat, highly processed foods.

Inside the book, you’ll discover:

  • More than 200 pages of “secrets” for amazing health, energy, and youthful vibrant beauty
  • Over 100 delicious recipes that only taste like guilty pleasures
  • Plus, tips for boosting your metabolism, slimming down, restoring youthful glowing skin, and much more!

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