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Carvalho No Salt Gourmet Tuna (24 cans)

Enjoy gourmet health-packed tuna, without mercury worries

Carvalho No Salt Gourmet Tuna (24 cans)

No Salt (24, 6-ounce cans)

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Dr. Lark highly recommends that women eat tuna several times a week. It’s one of the healthiest, best-tasting sources of omega-3 essential fatty acids, the good fats that your heart and brain need for optimal health. Plus, tuna is naturally low in calories, and an excellent source of protein. Perfect to stay fit.

But these days you need to be very picky about the tuna you eat. Store-bought tuna is cooked twice, which removes many of the healthy omega-3s.

Dr. Lark loves Carvalho Albacore because every tuna is individually filleted by hand—leaving only the pure, delicious white meat. Then it’s custom-canned in its own juices.

Carvalho tuna provides you with one of the best sources of healthy omega-3 oils, and is independently tested for mercury and other heavy metals. Plus, it’s so delicious, you can eat it right out of the can. While it’s pricier than most store-bought tuna, the taste and health benefits are leaps ahead of the rest. As Dr. Lark says, “it’s worth double the price!”

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