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July 8, 2004

Eat Right for Your pH


Eating For Your Body Chemistry

It should come as no surprise

that American women spend much of their lives on one weight-control

diet after another, usually the latest fad diet. But these diets

are just a set-up for failure. In fact, the success rate of maintaining

a lower weight from fad dieting is less than 10 percent.

We’ve all heard the expression “you are what

you eat.” I have a slightly different spin on that idea. I

believe you should eat for your body chemistry. By that I mean you

need to eat the right foods to support your health, in the right

amounts, if you want to be in nutritional balance. It’s about eating

healthfully and being the right size for your body type rather than

counting calories. If you are eating properly, and your body is

in balance chemically, you will be at the right weight for you.

To establish what foods are right for you, you

have to evaluate your pH level and determine if you are overly acidic

or more alkaline. Women who are overly acidic need more carbohydrates

to feel their best, while those who tend toward the alkaline side

need to eat more protein. Women who are able to readily maintain

a healthy pH balance, which becomes more difficult as we get older,

can eat a wide variety of foods from both sides of the spectrum.

Learning where you fall on the metabolic continuum is the first

step in picking a diet that’s perfect for you.

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