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July 24, 2004

Weight Loss Program

My Philosophy on Weight Loss

In my practice, I’ve seen many frustrated overweight

women who have starved themselves, tried every diet on the market,

and exercised regularly—sometimes intensely—in an attempt

to lose the weight they put on as they aged. Some lost weight for

a while, but once they returned to so-called normal eating, the

pounds also returned. A friend once joked that she had lost over

100 pounds—but it was the same ten pounds over and over again!

If this sounds familiar, you might be asking, as many of my patients

have, why you gained weight, how it could have been prevented, and

whether there is any way to shed it now.

I’ll share with you the advice I’ve given my patients.

I have seen that for most women, the inability to maintain their

optimal weight was not only due to the number of calories they were

consuming, but also the influence of various chemical and physiological

imbalances which made weight loss much more difficult. This is why

I never put a woman on a “diet.” To me, diet implies a

short-term fix. What most women need is a long-term solution. The

only real way to lose excess pounds and maintain your optimal weight

is with a medical and lifestyle overhaul. This two-tiered approach

makes up my philosophy for weight management.

Tier 1 — The Physiology of Weight Loss

The first step of my weight loss program is to assess the role that

chemical imbalances play in causing the excess weight. Chemical

imbalances not only cause weight gain, they cause many other uncomfortable

physical and emotional symptoms as well. A partial list of the chemical

imbalances that can lead to weight gain include thyroid dysfunction,

estrogen dominance, insulin resistance, slowing of the metabolism,

food allergies (which can cause the accumulation of inflammatory

fluids, or “false fat ”), and imbalances in brain chemistry

that cause mood disturbances, such as depression.

Tier 2 — The Philosophy of Lifestyle

Of course, body chemistry is only half of the picture. Your lifestyle

is essential too. Your food choices, stress level, and aerobic activity

play a large role in enabling you to attain and maintain your optimal

weight. These factors influence whether fats are stored in your

body or burned as fuel. Tier #2 of my weight loss plan focuses on

what you eat, how you burn it, and how you deal with stress.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Your extra weight didn’t come on overnight. You need to be patient

and understanding with yourself as you make health and lifestyle

changes. It takes three weeks to form a habit. Make the effort to

get support from friends and family as you transition to a healthier

lifestyle. And get some extra nutritional support in the form of

a good multivitamin-mineral formula, and additional supplements

to address your specific health needs.

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