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July 24, 2004

Weight Loss Program

Step Two: Exercise

Exercise not only helps metabolize fat and burn

calories more efficiently, but it has been shown to reduce food

cravings for women with food addictions or women who binge on high-stress

foods prior to menstruation. It also helps stabilize blood sugar

levels, preserve body contours, tone muscles, and keep skin supple.

If you exercise less than three times a week, you need to increase

your level of physical activity. I recommend a brisk, 30-45 minute

walk three to five times a week to burn off enough calories to lose

a pound a week—provided you aren’t loading up on doughnuts

or ice cream.

If you haven’t been exercising regularly, increase

your level of physical activity gradually until your body is conditioned

to the point where exercise is easier to do. Start with five or

ten minutes, and after a week or two, add ten minutes to each workout.

Lift weights a few times a week. It’s great for building muscle.

To get the most out of an exercise program, your

body needs to be in balance, and your dietary intake needs to support

your activity level. Some natural athletes, especially younger women,

can eat just about anything and have energy to burn. But most of

us need to think about what will best build energy and stamina for

the level of exercise we do.

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