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June 11, 2004

Weight Loss Program

Combat Periodic Weight Gain

If you change your eating habits to reflect your

unique metabolic type and still gain weight, it could be due to

fluid retention. Several solutions may be helpful.

  • Drink a mild diuretic tea

    like uva ursi and parsley.

  • Eat foods that are high

    in potassium and help regulate fluid balance, such as cucumbers,

    melons, and bananas.

  • Eat as many fresh fruits

    and vegetables as possible.

  • Throw away your salt shaker.

    Salt worsens fluid retention and bloating.

  • Avoid processed foods such

    as catsup, mustard, and salad dressings that are high in salt.

    Read food labels for salt levels (less than 50 mg per serving).

  • Avoid fried and fatty foods.

    They worsen bloating.

  • Avoid wheat and dairy products

    that can irritate allergies and worsen bloating.

  • Make sure your bowels

    are working properly so that you don’t reabsorb fluids and waste

    products that should be eliminated from your body. If you have

    problems with constipation, include one to eight tablespoons of

    bran in your daily diet.

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