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July 27, 2004

Weight Loss Program

Chakra Healing for Weight Loss

Chakras are specialized energy centers located

throughout your body, which absorb energy from the environment and

distribute it to your cells, organs, and body tissues. The flow

of this energy is deeply affected by your emotions, and chakra imbalances

not only contribute to health issues in their associated glands

and organs, but even affect where you gain weight.

While your body shape is certainly determined,

in part, by your dietary and nutritional habits, level of exercise,

hormonal profile, and even your genetic heritage, it is also strongly

affected by your own patterns of how you allow your life force,

or life energy to flow through your body. This month, I’d like to

focus on how and why this occurs and explore solutions to this problem.

If you’re a typical woman, you likely have “problem

areas” where excess weight tends to accumulate more than in

other areas of your body. These parts of your body seem to be almost

resistant to losing weight, even with the most stringent dietary

programs and exercise regimens. In fact, sometimes women will lose

weight in every place but these areas, which can be a source of

great frustration. I have found that the most common problem areas

are upper abdominal or solar plexus region, the lower abdominal

and pelvic area, hips and thighs, chin, and finally the breast and

upper chest area.

Often, these are the parts of your body where you

tend to accumulate excessive amounts of energy or focus your emotions

and life experiences too strongly. Because the flow of energy in

these chakras is impeded, the body part or parts associated with

the chakras will become bloated, swollen and enlarged over time.

Conversely, in those areas of your body where you

shut off the flow of life energy due to emotional blockages, you

end up depleting and de-energizing that part of our body, as well

as its chakra and the associated organs and glands. This manifests

as constricted or shrunken areas of the body, and often leads to

an unbalanced appearance.

If you are trying to lose weight, only to find

that you are unsuccessful in your attempts to deal with your problem

areas, you may want to look at your emotional patterns and how they

are affecting the energy flow through your body. To help you achieve

your weight loss goal through creating better balance in your energetic

and emotional patterns, try the affirmations I’ve provided to promote

healthy chakra function. I personally find these affirmations to

be very uplifting and inspirational in every area of life, not just

to achieve weight loss.

Chakras and Associated Body Parts

1st chakra – hips and thighs

2nd chakra – lower abdomen and pelvic area

3rd chakra – upper abdomen

4th chakra – breasts

5th chakra – lower face (neck and chin)

6th chakra – upper face (nose and forehead)

7th chakra – top of head

Affirmations to Promote Healthy and Balanced

Chakra Function

First Chakra – I feel safe and secure in

the world. All of my needs are being met.

Second Chakra – I have deep reserves of

energy within me that nourish my female essence and creativity.

Third Chakra – I handle my life issues in

a balanced and self-confident manner.

Fourth Chakra – Love flows through me. I

give and receive love and caring in all of my relationships.

Fifth Chakra – I communicate my needs and

feelings freely and openly. I enjoy expressing myself.

Sixth Chakra – I perceive the world around

me with clarity. I am comfortable using both my intellect and intuition.

Seventh Chakra – I live each day according

to the tenets of my deepest spiritual beliefs.

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