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June 14, 2004

Weight Loss Program

Affirmations for Weight Loss: Improve

the way you Think About Your Body

What do you think about your body right now? Is

this the way you want to think? If your thoughts are negative, remember

this: Your body does wonderful things for you, no matter how much

you weigh. I am willing to bet that if you made a list of all the

positive things your body does for you, you would be surprised at

the number of things you can identify.

Here are some affirmations you can use to improve

the way you think about your body:

  • My body is strong and healthy.
  • I take excellent care of myself.
  • I take time each day to relax

    and enjoy myself.

  • My body allows me to live a fun

    and exciting life.

  • I am thankful that I can hold

    the people I love close to me.

Here are some affirmations you can use to instill

a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and diet:

  • I enjoy eating foods that are

    delicious and full of vitamins and minerals.

  • I love the burst of energy I get

    after exercising.

  • Every day, I am burning calories

    and getting closer to my weight goal.

  • My healthy lifestyle empowers


  • I am restoring my vigor

    and vitality.

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