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June 15, 2004

Vision Health

Keep it Simple Tip: Palming

Palming is a wonderful technique that I have used

many times to relieve eyestrain during periods of intense reading

and writing.

Lie down on a bed, sofa, or mat. Place a small pillow on your chest.

Bend your arms at the elbow and rest your arms on the pillow. Cup

your hands so that your palms are facing down, and place your palms

over your eyes so that the bottoms of your hands are laying gently

on your cheekbones and your fingers are laying gently on your forehead.

Close your eyes and just lie there, doing slow, deep, abdominal

breathing. Imagine a gentle wave of water or healing energy passing

over your eyes. Settle into a deeply relaxed state for 15 minutes

to half an hour. When you finish, you’ll find that your vision is

clearer and sharper than it had been, that colors are more intense,

and you have a feeling of general relaxation around your eyes.

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