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June 15, 2004

Vision Health

Ozone Therapy for AMD

As a person ages, eyesight

often deteriorates. While this may require nothing more than wearing

reading glasses, some people are faced with eye problems that are

far more serious. One such condition is age-related macular degeneration

(AMD). The macula, the central part of the retina, is composed of

a layer of cells located at the back of the eye that functions like

film in a camera. Light passes through the front parts of the eye,

such as the lens and iris, which focus this light. Cells in the

retina register both light and color. The macula makes possible

sharp detailed vision and enhances color perception.

In most cases, AMD is cause by a breakdown of light-sensitive

cells in the macula. But in a small percentage of cases, AMD can

be caused by blood vessels that leak within the eye. A person with

AMD will have difficulty reading, driving, and even recognizing

the faces of people they know well. Such loss can impinge on every

area of performance.

AMD can be treated by laser surgery, but only if

it is caught in the first few weeks after its onset. However, some

cases of AMD have been successfully treated with ozone therapy.

In a study published in a 1990 issue of Panminerva Medica,

20 patients with AMD received two rounds of intravenously administered

ozone. The first round lasted one month, and the other lasted six

weeks, with a month in between when no treatment was given. Patients

were assessed by testing for visual acuity as well as the circulation

of the eye. Nine of the patients experienced an improvement in visual

acuity in their vision and reported an increase in their well-being-with

indicators such as appetite, sleep, mood, muscle tone, mental concentration,

and work capacity also improving.

Other studies have indicated that ozone can be

useful in the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa, a chronic progressive

disease that begins in early childhood. In this condition, cells

in the retina degenerate, and the optic nerve atrophies, often resulting

in a loss of vision. Ozone therapy has been found to either improve

this condition or arrest the deterioration in many of the individuals


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