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June 15, 2004

Vision Health

Red Light Therapy for AMD

Red light therapy is being used in a revolutionary

new way to treat age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The most

exciting part of this research is that it flies in the face of the

current belief that AMD cannot be cured. Even the nutritional approaches

focus on prevention rather than treatment.

I am particularly impressed by the success of the treatment in women

of advanced age, as it is much more difficult to truly heal or regenerate

healthy tissue in the elderly. Charles McGee, M.D., an innovative

researcher in the field of colored light therapy and the developer

of the “X Light,” shared several case histories with me

regarding individuals who used red light therapy to successfully

treat AMD, including one 80-year-old woman with intermediate AMD.

After using a red LED (light emitting diode) in each eye for 10

minutes each day for several months, her vision improved perceptibly.

No one has determined exactly how red light therapy benefits AMD.

I suspect that red light works in part by improving the production

of a high-energy compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP) within

the cells of the eyes, thereby promoting the healing process. We

know that red light stimulates energy production within the mitochondria,

the energy-producing powerhouses of your cells. And the mitochondria

work by trapping energy from the food you eat and later releasing

it as ATP. Since ATP is the energy your cells need to fuel virtually

every chemical reaction within your body, increased amounts of it

would benefit all of the body’s cells, including those in and around

the eye.

I would love to see more research done in the area of colored light

therapy for eye disease, since it holds so much promise. It is entirely

likely that the red light therapy can be used to help our bodies

create energy so every tissue and organ system can run more efficiently.

Unfortunately, we are probably years away from having significant,

major studies performed in this area. In the meantime, if you are

interested in the use of red light therapy to treat AMD, I suggest

you seek a physician who has experience with colored light therapies,

rather than try to treat AMD with colored light on your own.

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