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June 17, 2004


Depression, Stress and Anxiety

Keep it SIMPLE tip:

Think Good Thoughts

Thoughts and feelings can affect your stress response.

Our output of stress hormones and chemicals can be interrupted by

changing the pattern of our thoughts. For instance, did you know

that laughter lowers cortisol levels, blood pressure and heart rate

and increases mood-elevating endorphin levels?

It’s not so easy to laugh when you’ve just lost

the biggest case of your life, you say. That’s true; it takes practice.

But what could be easier than renting your favorite comedy videos

and just laughing your way through the weekend. If you really like

problems and stress, they’ll still be waiting for you in your office

when you get back.

Visualization, guided imagery, meditation, and

prayer have all been shown to have an amazing effect on healing.

Perhaps it has something to do with giving yourself permission to

be a part of your own healing process, but more likely the effectiveness

of these methods has to do with altering brain chemicals and wave

lengths and instilling a sense of calm. Try these methods and see

if they make a difference for you in the way that you experience

stressful situations.

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