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June 11, 2004

Stress and Anxiety

Is it Really Stress?

How many cups of coffee did you have today? How

about candy bars or sodas? One of the early signs of adrenal gland

and nervous system exhaustion is the need for stimulants. Another

good signal you’ve hit the wall is the way you react to really small

annoyances you used to just brush off or even laugh at.

Take a look at your lifestyle. Have you given up

socializing, exercising, gardening and even shopping to plop yourself

in front of the TV every night? Before you get into the cycle of

chronic insomnia at night and total fatigue during the day, and

before you give up all the things that make life worthwhile in order

to have the strength to get through your work day, take a look at

my suggestions for dealing with the effects of stress.

How do you know it is really stress? You can have

your cortisol and other adrenal hormone levels checked in saliva,

blood or urine samples. The saliva test accurately reflects the

day-to-day functional status of your adrenal glands at your doctors

office or by contacting Great Smokies laboratories for an at-home

testing kit.

If the test of your adrenal system doesn’t “test

positive” for stress overload but you are still experiencing

symptoms, you’ll also want to have a test for low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia

(low blood sugar) can mimic the symptoms of stress—shakiness,

jitteriness, dizziness and anxiety. The standard for diagnosing

hyperglycemia is the glucose tolerance test.

Food allergies can also cause anxiety and stress.

There are many kinds of tests an allergist can perform to determine

what you are reacting to, but you can also do that yourself by a

process of elimination. About a quarter of the population is wheat

and gluten intolerant, but they are unaware of the source of their

discomfort. Try eliminating all wheat products, including pastas,

from your diet for one month and see if you feel better. Similarly,

many people don’t know they’re lactose intolerant. Skip the dairy

products you normally consume for a few weeks and find out.

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