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April 7, 2004



Keep it SIMPLE Tip

Yoga Poses for Female Health

Yoga stretches are particularly helpful for

women who experience PMS or are nearing or in menopause. The hormone

levels and body chemistry for these women’s are like to fluctuate

rapidly, leaving them physically and emotionally out of balance.

Yoga exercises level out this physiological instability by relaxing

and gently stretching every muscle in the body, and promoting better

blood circulation and oxygenation to all cells and tissues.

I recommend Child’s Pose because it is easy for most women

to do and it doesn’t require yoga training. First, visualize how

the exercise should look, then follow with the correct body placement

of the pose. Make slow, deliberate movements in order to have greater

control over your body placement. This will minimize the possibility

of injury.

Child’s Pose

This one is excellent for calming anxiety, stress and PMS and menopause-related

irritability. It is one of the most effective exercises for relieving

cramps and lower back pain, and helps to improve flexibility in

the hips.

  1. Sit back on your heels.
  2. Bring your forehead to the floor, stretching your spine as far

    over your head as possible.

  3. Close your eyes.
  4. Hold this position for as long as comfortable.

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