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June 15, 2004



Healing Benefits of Red Light

In general, red light is profoundly anti-aging

and promotes health, strength, and vitality for virtually every

organ in the body. More specifically, red light has been used to

heal bone conditions such as osteoarthritis and fractures. It also

helps to relieve pain and inflammation in joints, muscles, and tendons,

and stimulates the healthy circulation of blood to tissues. It has

been used to heal repetitive stress syndrome, migraine headaches,

skin conditions such as varicose vein ulcers and diabetic wounds,

and to improve blood flow to the heart in individuals with coronary

artery disease.

Red light has even been used to reduce chronic lymph-related edema

in women who have undergone mastectomy for breast cancer. A number

of studies have also found that when certain photosensitive chemicals

are injected into cancerous tissue, the chemicals selectively accumulate

in cancer cells. The tissue is then exposed to red light, which

activates the chemicals and destroys the cancerous tissue.

Our hormones also receive powerful support from red light. If you

suffer from PMS, irregular menstrual cycles, menstrual cramps, or

menopausal symptoms, red light therapy (coupled with nutritional

therapies) can be a valuable treatment. If you are post menopausal,

your ovaries and adrenal glands continue to produce small amounts

of estrogen and male hormones, even though you no longer menstruate.

Red light therapy helps to maximize their production, providing

your tissues with more hormonal support well into your older years.

In one study, neurosurgeon Norman Shealy, M.D., exposed staff members

to a red light device. He found that the production of 14 different

hormones, neurotransmitters, and neurochemicals was stimulated by

red light exposure.

Finally, the healing support of red light is not limited to our

physical bodies. One study found that just ten minutes of exposure

to red light improved alertness and heightened the mood of adult


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