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June 18, 2004



Release Pain through Golden Light

This simple meditation can help calm your mind

and reduce PMS symptoms.

Sit or lie in a comfortable position, your arms resting at your

sides. As you take a deep breath, visualize that the earth below

you is filled with a large reservoir of a deeply healing golden


Now imagine that you are opening up energy centers on the bottom

of your feet. As you inhale deeply, visualize the soft golden energy

filling up your feet. When your feet are completely filled with

the golden color, then let the color flow up through your ankles,

legs, pelvis, and lower back.

Each time you exhale, see the golden energy leaving through your

lungs, carrying pain and discomfort with it. See the pain dissolve

into the air.

Continue to inhale the healing golden energy into your abdomen,

chest, shoulders, arms, neck and head. Exhale the golden light slowly

out of your lungs. Repeat this entire process five times and then

relax for a few minutes.

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