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July 23, 2004



Is it Perimenopause?

  • I have heavy, irregular periods.
  • I’m retaining fluids.
  • I’ve gained more than 10 pounds.
  • I’m experiencing problems sleeping.
  • I’m having headaches.
  • I have bouts of brain-fog—like

    forgetting names, where I put my car keys, or the point of a text

    I’ve just been reading.

  • I recently discovered cysts in

    my breasts.

  • I have fibroid tumors.
  • My endometriosis symptoms have

    gotten worse.

  • I’m over age 35.
  • I suffer from premenstrual anxiety,

    irritability, and mood swings.

  • My interest in sex has declined.
  • I’ve started to have hot flashes

    and night sweats.

If these symptoms don’t match yours, perhaps you’re

in menopause.

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