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July 23, 2004



Other Power Supplements for Perimenopause

  • Grape seed extract (50 mg twice

    a day) is effective against PMS related bloating.

  • Rutin (200-400 mg) strengthens blood

    vessels and helps to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding.

  • Vitamin E (800-2,000 IU)

    d-alpha tocopherol helps to reduce mood swings, anxiety, menstrual

    pain and hot flashes.

  • Quercitin, a potent antioxidant,

    also reduces the inflammation of endometriosis (take 300-600 mg

    a day).

  • Calcium (800-1,200 mg a day) for PMS

    relief and maintenance of bone density.

  • Iron (15-30 mg), higher

    dose for heavy menstrual bleeding and anemia.

  • Iodine (150-225 mcg), promotes

    thyroid and breast health.

  • Bromelain (500 mg) aids

    digestion and reduces the pain and inflammation of endometriosis.

Take supplements cautiously. Start with 1/4 to

1/3 of the daily dose I’m listing here and see how you feel. You

can increase gradually over two to four weeks to the full dosage.

Women with a history of food allergies or chemical sensitivities

may want to stay at a lower dosage, perhaps half of the full dose.

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