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June 18, 2004

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Susan Lark, M.D., top women’s health/alternative

medicine expert, formulates new, full-spectrum women’s multivitamin

POTOMAC, Md., November 27, 2001—Susan Lark,

M.D., leading alternative medicine and women’s health expert, has

formulated a new multinutrient system to meet the unique nutritional

needs of women from their early 20s through senior years. Incorporating

the latest, scientific research, the new Daily Balance Women’s

Multinutrient and the accompanying Daily Balance

targeted nutritionals are available exclusively through Doctors’

Preferred, Inc. (DPI), a subsidiary of Phillips Health, LLC, and

one of the largest North American direct-mail supplement distributors.

“I know of no other multivitamin program that is this advanced

for women in terms of giving them high-quality, full-spectrum support

for anti-aging; bone, breast, eye, and cardiovascular support; healthy

blood pressure, more energy, and mental clarity,” says Dr.

Lark, who also writes a monthly health report, The Lark Letter.

“My new Daily Balance Women’s Multinutrient is

based on the latest, cutting-edge science and on feedback I’ve received

from my patients and readers.”

Over her 26 years of clinical practice, Dr. Lark has helped hundreds

of women achieve a natural, healthy balanced body chemistry. According

to Dr. Lark, the body thrives in its natural alkaline state. Her

experience has shown that nutrient-depleted foods, a high-protein

diet, and life’s never-ending stresses can all create an acid-alkaline

imbalance in women’s bodies that contributes to a variety of health

issues ranging from fatigue to osteoporosis. Her new Daily

Balance Women’s Multinutrient nourishes and balances a woman’s

body and helps create a strong nutritional foundation for optimum


And, to provide additional support for women experiencing symptoms

related to hormone imbalances, Dr. Lark has created a series of

three new scientifically-researched formulas to work with her Daily

Balance Women’s Multinutrient:

  • Daily Balance Hot Flash helps

    reduce hot flashes associated with hormonal changes during perimenopause

    and menopause.

  • Daily Balance Menorrhagia helps

    alleviate heavy menstrual bleeding not associated with the presence

    of an underlying medical condition. Menorrhagia is perhaps the

    most frequent of women’s complaints.

  • Daily Balance PMS helps ease symptoms

    associated with premenstrual discomfort, such as anxiety, mood

    swings, fluid retention and cramps. PMS affects up to 75 percent

    of premenopausal women.

“Dr. Lark’s entire new Daily Balance

nutritional system is the culmination of many years of patient experience

and scientific research,” says Linda Werner, DPI director of

Women’s Health. “Using these four formulas, women of all ages

may now easily and confidently build a more comprehensive supplement

program tailored to their specific needs. We at Doctor’s Preferred

are delighted to work with Dr. Lark in bringing these exciting new

women’s health products to the marketplace.”

Dr. Lark has devoted her career to raising awareness of women’s health

issues and is one of the foremost authorities in the fields of clinical

and preventive medicine. She pioneered the use of women’s self-care

treatments based on diet, nutrition, exercise and stress management,

which she has presented in a nine-book series that includes the Premenstrual

Syndrome Self Help Book, the Menopause Self Help Book and

Anxiety and Stress (all from Ten Speed Press). Most recently,

she co-authored The Chemistry of Success: Six Secrets of Peak Performance

(Bay Books, 2000).

Her monthly newsletter, The Lark Letter, which reaches

more than 50,000 subscribers, and her Web site,,

are dedicated to educating, empowering and encouraging women to make

the best choices for optimum health. In her spare time, Dr. Lark teaches

doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners about natural therapies.

She has served on the clinical faculty of Stanford University Medical

School, where she continues to teach in the Division of Family and

Community Medicine.

Doctors’ Preferred, Inc. (DPI), a thriving vitamin and nutritional

supplement business, provides a variety of herbs and nutritionals

that includes Dr. Lark’s own Daily Balance brand. It

is a subsidiary of Phillips Health, LLC, a Phillips International,

Inc., company. Phillips Health is the recognized leader in providing

authoritative health solutions to consumers through the production

of online resources, such as,

and publishing newsletters, such as Dr. Lark’s The Lark Letter.

Phillips International ( is a private company based

in Potomac, Md., with annual sales of $245 million. One of the leading

publishers in America with a fast-growing Internet business, Phillips

International provides a variety of quality products and services

for the health and investment marketplaces.



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