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March 5, 2004


Getting Rid of Cellulite

Excerpted from The Lark Letter

October 2003, Vol. 10 No. 10

Like anything in medicine,

prevention is the best medicine. And cellulite is no exception.

Slender women and female athletes have far less cellulite than their

heavier and less active counterparts.

If you already have some cellulite, I would recommend working to

reduce the size of the fat cells, improve circulation in the affected

areas, and increase the integrity of your connective tissues. I

have found that exercise, diet, massage, and certain nutrients can

go a long way in helping you get rid of cellulite.

Diet and Exercise

If you need to lose 20 or more pounds, be sure to do so slowly and

gradually. Rapid weight loss can make the appearance of cellulite

even worse.

To accomplish this goal, I recommend eating a diet that is high

in complex carbohydrates and lean protein, and low in saturated

fat. You’ll also want to reduce your intake of fluid retainers such

as salt and caffeine, and increase the amount of water you drink.

This will help to flush fats and toxins from your system.

If you are not already exercising regularly, you should include

30 minutes of aerobic activity at least 5 days a week. I personally

walk nearly every day, often with a weighted vest, and have found

that consistent, regular exercise is one of the best ways to keep

cellulite to a minimum.


Studies have shown that massage and/or dry brushing helps to remove

toxins and improve circulation in the affected area. One of the

best remedies I’ve seen for using massage to treat cellulite involves

coffee grounds and plastic wrap. And since you are reducing your

caffeine intake—you should have plenty of extra grounds on

hand! The grounds not only work themselves into the dimples and

pockets commonly associated with cellulite, but the caffeine helps

to tighten your skin and tissues by constricting your superficial

blood vessels.

First, warm about 1/2 cup of coffee grounds. You can do this by

heating them up in a microwave or running them through your automatic

drip coffee maker. Next, massage the warm coffee grounds into the

affected area, then secure with plastic wrap. After 10–15 minutes,

simply rinse the grounds off.

Cellulite-Blasting Nutrients

There are three nutrients that are particularly effective for reducing

the appearance of cellulite by working to increase the integrity

of your connective tissues by strengthening the collagen fibers

in the subcutaneous layer. They are gotu kola, glucosamine sulfate,

and grape seed extract.

One study from as far back as 1975 found that 58 percent of patients

who took gotu kola every day for three months reported very good

results in their cellulite reduction, while another 20 percent said

they were satisfied with their results. If you are interested

in using gotu kola, I recommend taking 500-1,000 mg twice a day

in capsule form.

Glucosamine sulfate and grape seed extract also work to strengthen

the collagen fibers. Grape seed extract offers the added benefit

of improving circulation. I recommend taking 1,000–1,500

mg of glucosamine sulfate a day, in two to three divided doses,

as well as 50 mg of grape seed extract twice a day. Gotu kola,

glucosamine, and grape seed extract are available in most health

food stores and Whole Foods Markets.

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