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June 17, 2004


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to boost energy, lose weight with Alkaline Power Diet featured on

women’s health Web site,

POTOMAC, Md., November 8, 2001—Top nutrition

researcher and women’s health expert, Susan Lark, M.D., and publisher,

Phillips Health, LLC, announce that the Web site——now

explains how a woman can achieve the body chemistry required to

boost energy and encourage weight loss. This newly constructed site

will be an important information resource for more than 73 million

women, ages 25 to 65, in the United States alone.

“Few people realize that the body thrives

in its natural alkaline state,” says Dr. Lark. “When you

are young, you can eat almost anything and your body will be able

to maintain its alkalinity. But as you age, your body loses its

ability to neutralize acids. This upsets your body chemistry and

contributes to a variety of health conditions ranging from fatigue

to osteoporosis.”

Basing her recommendations on 26 years of clinical practice and

extensive research, Dr. Lark has helped scores of patients lose

weight and improve their health through her Alkaline Power Diet,

an overall nutritionally rich diet similar to the way our ancestors

ate—with whole grains and more vegetables than meat. Eating

in this way drives the body toward an alkaline state, with a pH

from 7.3 to 7.4. Visitors to can use convenient

self-assessment tools to determine if their chemistries are currently

acid or alkaline, and can source recipes and advice accordingly.

In addition, visitors can sign up for Dr. Lark’s free bi-weekly

e-letter, which offers important and timely comments on women’s


Geared specifically to women, also provides

in-depth information on a full spectrum of health issues, including

menorrahagia (heavy menstrual flow), anemia, osteoporosis, perimenopause,

menopause, heart health, fatigue and PMS. Dr. Lark’s onsite narrative

relates each condition to specific dietary issues—especially

food allergies—and offers natural solutions, including foods

to avoid. In addition, onsite message boards make it possible for

visitors to share information and pose additional questions regarding

Dr. Lark’s suggestions.

“Dr. Lark has found that many health conditions women experience

are affected by nutrition,” says Linda Werner, director of

Women’s Health at Phillips Health subsidiary, Doctors’ Preferred,

Inc. “Dr. Lark’s entire Web site is dedicated to sound nutritional

advice plus lifestyle considerations, such as exercise and stress

management. We are excited to make this information available to

women everywhere.”

A distinguished clinician, author and lecturer, Dr. Lark has devoted

her career to raising awareness of women’s health issues and is

one of the foremost authorities in the fields of clinical and preventive

medicine. She pioneered the use of self-care treatments such as

diet, nutrition, exercise and stress management techniques in the

field of women’s health, which she has presented in a nine-book

series that includes the Premenstrual Syndrome Self Help Book,

the Menopause Self Help Book and Anxiety and Stress

(all from Ten Speed Press). Most recently, she co-authored The

Chemistry of Success: Six Secrets of Peak Performance (Bay Books,


“It is my goal that, with its extensive

resources, will educate, empower and encourage women to make the

best choices in creating their own individualized program for optimum

health,” says Dr. Lark. The Web site complements Dr. Lark’s

monthly publication, The Lark Letter, which currently

reaches more than 50,000 subscribers.

Phillips Health, LLC, a Phillips International, Inc., company, is

the recognized leader in providing authoritative health solutions

to consumers. In addition to producing online resources and publishing

newsletters, Phillips Health encompasses its subsidiary, Doctors’

Preferred, Inc. (DPI), a thriving vitamin and nutritional supplement

business. DPI markets a variety of herbs and nutritionals that includes

Dr. Lark’s own formulations, now available under the Daily

Balance brand. Phillips International (

is a private company based in Potomac, Md., with annual sales of

$245 million. One of the leading publishers in America with a fast-growing

Internet business, Phillips International provides quality products

and services for the health and investment marketplaces.



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