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June 16, 2004




News Release


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Susan Lark, MD, natural health pioneer, creates new formula to support eye health in women

POTOMAC, Md., August 8, 2003—Susan Lark, MD,

one of the leading authorities on women’s health, has formulated

a new natural-health product called Vision Answer for Women,

designed to promote healthy eyes in women as they age. Dr. Lark’s

vision formula is available exclusively through Doctor’s Preferred,

Inc. (DPI), a subsidiary of Phillips Health, one of the largest

North American direct-mail supplement distributors.

Dr. Lark’s believes research will disclose that women face an additional

stressor on the eyes: decreased levels of estrogen. As women age

and hormone levels change, estrogen depletion contributes to the

drying of body tissues, including the thinning of the collagen that

lines the blood vessels of the eyes, affecting the integrity of

the capillaries that deliver blood and nutrients to the eyes.

To promote optimal eye health in women, Vision Answer for

Women is specifically formulated to provide:

The critical antioxidants, Vitamins A and

C, necessary for healthy eyes

Nature’s most powerful pigments, the carotenoids,

for free-radical protection

Bioflavonoids to promote strong blood vessels

and blood flow to the eyes

Phytoestrogens to help balance a woman’s hormones

“In my years of clinical experience, nutritional

solutions have helped women safely and effectively support the health

of their eyes,” says Dr. Lark. “The combination of comprehensive

antioxidants to combat free-radical damage together with natural

phytoestrogens to help promote hormonal balance works to maintain

healthy eyes in women. Women, myself included, want to age gracefully

and enjoy life to the fullest—with our eyes wide open.”

Dr. Lark further states that she believes future research will confirm

her belief.

Dr. Lark is widely recognized for her strides toward raising awareness

of women’s health issues, such as obesity, hormone replacement therapy,

and osteoporosis. She pioneered the use of women’s self-care treatments

based on diet, nutrition, exercise, and stress management, and has

penned a number of books, including Fibroid Tumors & Endometrios

and the Estrogen Decision. Her most recent title, which she

co-authored, is The Chemistry of Success: Six Secrets of Peak


Her monthly newsletter, The Lark Letter, with a circulation

of more than 130,000 subscribers, and her website,,

are dedicated to educating and empowering women to make the best

choices for optimum health. Online visitors may also sign up for

Dr. Lark’s free biweekly e-newsletter, which presents breaking health

news along with lifestyle tips, easy recipes, and simple exercises

for health and well-being.

Phillips Health, a Phillips International, Inc., company, is America’s

largest publisher of alternative and complementary health newsletters,

including The Lark Letter, and produces a number of

online resources that provide authoritative health solutions to

consumers. A subsidiary of Phillips Health, Doctors’ Preferred,

Inc. (DPI), is a thriving vitamin and nutritional supplement business.

Phillips International ( is a private company based

in Potomac, MD, with annual sales of $250 million. One of the leading

publishers in America, with a fast-growing Internet business, Phillips

International provides a wide variety of quality products and services

for the health and investment marketplaces.



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