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June 14, 2004




News Release


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Susan Lark, M.D., women’s health

expert, formulates new bone health program using top nutritional

‘bone builders’

POTOMAC, Md., June 27, 2002—Susan Lark, M.D.,

noted medical researcher, holistic practitioner and women’s health

expert, has recently formulated two new nutritional supplements

that incorporate her top recommendations for core bone-building

nutrients and form a leading-edge bone health program. Launched

under the Daily Balance brand, these supplements,

Daily Balance Bone Health and Daily Balance

Soy Isoflavones, work together to support strong healthy

bones, and the calcium in Daily Balance Bone Health

helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis—a condition that affects

4 to 6 million women in the United States, alone. When taken together,

the two supplements feed the whole bone to promote strength, flexibility

and proper bone density. This bone-building kit is available exclusively

through Doctors’ Preferred, Inc. (DPI), a subsidiary of Phillips

Health, LLC, and one of the largest North American direct-mail supplement


Many women take calcium, sometimes in combination with magnesium,

in the hope of maintaining proper bone density. However, to be effective,

calcium must be taken in the correct ratio with specific nutrients.

From her research and 26 years of clinical experience, Dr. Lark

has long advocated that women take calcium in a 2-to-1 ratio with

magnesium, along with proper doses of vitamin D, L-lysine and boron.

These nutrients help rebuild the mineral component, which accounts

for 70 percent of bone. However, two other key nutrients—chondroitin

sulfate and silica—are also absolutely vital for bone health.

“Roughly 30 percent of bone consists of a honeycomb-like matrix

of living collagen fibers,” says Dr. Lark. “This matrix

makes bones flexible and resilient. Women need both chondroitin

sulfate and silica to support the vital living matrix—a fact

that’s rarely explained, but which is extremely important.”

That’s why Dr. Lark includes the essential vitamins and minerals,

plus chondroitin sulfate and silica in her Daily Balance Bone


But that’s only the first step; there’s yet another key component—estrogen.

Few people are aware that bones continually undergo a building process

in which estrogen plays a vital role. Too much or too little estrogen,

which occurs in menopause and perimenopause, will short-circuit

the process, and make it more difficult for women over 40 to maintain

proper bone density. Consequently, Dr. Lark recommends that her

patients take soy—a phytoestrogen—to help balance estrogen

levels along with specific digestive enzymes and herbs, such as

papaya, bromelain, amylase and ginger, to help with absorption.

Her Soy Isoflavones product incorporates these important

ingredients, and creates a critical second step to maintaining bone


“We are especially pleased to have this new bone health kit

available for women,” says Linda Werner, DPI executive director

for women’s health. “While some bone loss is a natural part

of aging, a reduction in estrogen will account for one-third to

one-half of the bone loss a woman will experience in her lifetime.

Women must be aware of this and take action accordingly.”

Dr. Lark has devoted her career to raising awareness of women’s

health issues, such as osteoporosis, and is one of the foremost

authorities in the fields of clinical and preventive medicine. She

pioneered the use of women’s self-care treatments based on diet,

nutrition, exercise and stress management, which she has presented

in a nine-book series that includes the Premenstrual Syndrome

Self Help Book, the Menopause Self Help Book and The

Estrogen Decision (Celestial Arts Publishing). Most recently,

she co-authored The Chemistry of Success: Six Secrets of Peak

Performance (Bay Books, 2000).

Her monthly newsletter, The Lark Letter, which reaches

more than 85,000 readers, and her Web site,,

are dedicated to educating, empowering and encouraging women to

make the best choices for optimum health.

DPI, a subsidiary of Phillips Health, LLC, a Phillips International,

Inc., company, is based in the Greater Washington, D.C., area. Phillips

Health is the recognized leader in providing authoritative health

solutions to consumers through online resources, newsletters, reports

and other publications. Phillips International (,

also in Potomac, Md., is a leading publisher in America with a thriving

Internet business. The privately held company provides a variety

of quality products and services for the health and investment marketplaces.



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