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June 13, 2004

More About Dr. Susan Lark

From the Desk of

Susan M. Lark, M.D.

When I first begin to work with a patient,

my goal is not only to relieve you of your physical symptoms and

health complaints but also to restore you to optimal health. To

accomplish this, I need to understand the whole you, to spend time

with you, to understand what you eat, how you spend your day, and

what you are trying to accomplish in your life. You are the center

of each individual program that I have created because I want to

support you and other women in your quest for health.

On the path to healthy living, I see myself

as both an educator and facilitator. For many women, including myself,

I think that each day is a struggle to find a balance in our lives.

More and more of us are juggling working outside the home with the

demands of family life and we often find ourselves in the role of

primary caregiver to not only our children but also to our husbands,

significant others, and even aging parents. As we enter our 40s

and 50s we find that we have even less energy than we used to have

and the balancing act becomes more difficult. For me, the key to

success in my own life has been to maintain my health at a high

enough level to allow me to both meet the demands of my busy life

and engage in the activities that I enjoy. I am offering you the

same solutions that I practice myself to restore energy and regain

the vitality necessary to really enjoy life.

I think I am like many women in that my time

is really valuable. I have a very busy career as a health educator,

lecturer, product developer and medical consultant. For many years

I also had a large and very busy medical practice in the field of

family practice and preventive medicine. I also run my household–and

I don’t have a cook or a maid, although I do have someone come in

and clean the house. Otherwise, I rely on my family–my husband,

Jim, and my daughter, Rebecca–to pitch in and help out. But everyone

is always busy, and there’s always something to do.

I do practice what I preach. I eat healthfully,

I take nutrients and I get out and exercise as much as I can. I

have a variety of solutions available to me from my many years of

working with patients–and that is partly what I hope to share with

you. I think my web site is a place for you to learn more about

your body and what your body is telling you so that you can respond


As a woman and as a physician, I am particularly

sensitive to the “fluff” that is often served as health

tips to women in monthly magazines. Often these stories are incomplete

and present information in a very misleading way. My goal is to

empower you with solid well-researched information about your bodies

that will allow you to truly evaluate all health information that

you receive.

My programs are based on many years of clinical

practice and represent the best of complementary medicine, including

my dietary and nutritional programs, stress modification techniques,

and other powerful tools that you can implement yourself to great

benefit. For the best results, I strongly recommend that you make

lifestyle changes at the speed most comfortable to you.

Through my work with many thousands of patients

over the years, I found that some were able to make major lifestyle

changes rapidly with dramatic improvement in their health and well-being

while other individuals need to make changes more gradually and

integrate them slowly into their lives. The improvements that they

experienced were slower but no less profound.

To your health!

Susan M. Lark, M.D.



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