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June 29, 2003


For Heavy Bleeding and Anemia

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A. Necessary for the healthy production of red blood cells.

In one study of 71 women with excessive bleeding, researchers found

the women had significantly lower blood levels of vitamin A than

women without heavy bleeding. Beta-carotene is the safer form of

this vitamin.

Vitamin B complex.

The 11 vitamins in this complex are essential for regulating estrogen

levels throughout the body and insuring healthy liver function,

which can help with heavy bleeding. They’re also necessary to prevent

and reverse anemia. You lose more of them when you’re under emotional

stress, which can make your fatigue even worse. Without enough folic

acid, for instance, red blood cells don’t mature properly; they

become large and irregularly shaped. Like folic acid, B12 deficiency

causes growth and development problems of red blood cells. Since

B12 is found primarily in meat, vegetarians may be at risk of developing

a B12 deficiency. A lack of B12 causes symptoms such as shooting

pains, pins-and-needles, or hot-and-cold sensations in the extremities,

as well as numbness, stiffness, and difficulty walking. It may also

cause mental disturbances similar to psychosis, as well as memory

defects and mental slowness.


C. This vitamin increase the amount of iron you absorb from

vegetable sources such as bran, peas, seeds, nuts, and leafy green

vegetables, which can help prevent iron deficiency anemia. Along

with bioflavonoids, it can also help relieve heavy menstrual bleeding

by strengthening capillaries.


These vitamin-like substances work similarly in your body to estrogen,

and can be used as an estrogen substitute to restore estrogen/progesterone

equilibrium. They also help reduce heavy menstrual bleeding by strengthening

capillary walls.


E. This vitamin can also act as a weak estrogen substitute,

nudging the estrogen-progesterone ratio towards progesterone and

assisting with normal ovulation. Thus, it helps women who have heavy

menstrual bleeding due to excess estrogen. It can also increase

red blood cell survival, helping prevent anemia.

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