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June 24, 2003


You At Risk for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding?

Each of the factors listed below puts you at risk for heavy menstrual

bleeding. Check off each phrase that describes you; if you’re not

sure, write in a question mark. Print this list and take it with you

when you visit your doctor, especially if you already suffer from

heavy bleeding. It will help your physician recommend appropriate


I am ovulating irregularly or not

at all.

I am in perimenopause.

I am past menopause, and taking estrogen

therapy without progesterone.

I have fibroid tumors.

I have thyroid disease.

I have a blood coagulation problem.

I have uterine polyps.

I am obese.

I started menstruating early in life.

I have never had any children.

I have high blood pressure.

I probably don’t get enough iodine.

I probably don’t get enough iron.

I probably don’t get enough vitamin


I probably don’t get enough vitamin


My periods are more frequent than

every 21 days.

My periods last longer than 8 days.

Even the highest absorbency pad or

tampon quickly becomes saturated and has to be changed frequently.

My flow includes large blood clots.

My periods leave me feeling drained

of energy.

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