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June 29, 2003


Herbs For Heavy Bleeding

and Anemia

For centuries, herbs have played a critical role

in relieving and preventing heavy bleeding and anemia. Think of

them as a form of extended nutrition you can take either as a tea

or capsule. But check with your physician first before you taking

them for menorrhagia. Excessive and irregular bleeding can be dangerous

and should never be allowed to continue without medical help. If

you have a normal, just somewhat heavier menstrual flow, these herbs

may be helpful for symptom relief.

These herbs are available as extracts, tinctures,

and whole dried herbs. Use as directed on the bottle or package.

Soy and red clover. These plants contain

chemicals called isoflavones that act like mild estrogens in our

body. These plant estrogens help reduce your own excess estrogen

levels by interfering with estrogen production, and by binding to

estrogen receptors on cells so your own more potent natural estrogen

can’t. Estrogen receptors trigger growth of the uterine lining,

so excessive stimulation causes overgrowth and excessive bleeding

during a menstrual period. Isoflavones help balance estrogen/progesterone

deficiencies that can lead to heavy menstrual bleeding. Red clover

also contains bioflavonoids that can strengthen capillary walls,

reducing bleeding.

Flaxseed. Flax seeds

contain both omega-3 fatty acids

and lignans, which make up the cellular wall of the seeds. Both

are weakly estrogenic, helping reduce estrogen levels in your body

as well as promoting healthy ovulation. Flaxseed or flax oil can

thus help with heavy menstrual flow.

Turmeric, or curcumin. This yellowish herb,

a traditional flavoring in Indian food, helps your liver break down

estrogen, thus reducing excessive amounts of estrogen within your

body that can lead to excess bleeding.

Vitex agnus castus, or chasteberry.

This herb improves the estrogen-to-progesterone ratio in your body

by enhancing the production of progesterone during the second half

of your menstrual cycle. This helps limit the amount of blood you

lose during menstruation.

Silymarin, or milk thistle. This herb has

a high flavonoid content. Flavonoids are strong antioxidants

that help protect the liver from damage, enabling it to remove excess

estrogen from your system and balance the hormones involved in your

menstrual cycle.

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