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June 12, 2004




A hysterectomy is a procedure where a woman’s uterus

is removed surgically. Often, the surgeon removes the ovaries at

the same time, which causes the woman to go through menopause. Fibroids

are one of the most common reasons for this procedure to be done

in the US.

Before agreeing to have a hysterectomy, be informed

about all the risks and benefits of the procedure. It is important

that women take responsibility for their bodies and learn as much

as they can about the surgery. Your physician plays a major role

in helping you preserve your health and well-being, especially in

the case of a hysterectomy. Be sure that you feel comfortable with

your doctor and that you know all about the procedure before you

have surgery. Ask about the emotional and physical risks to you,

how long recovery will take, and how you can expect to feel afterward.

Many women are not prepared for how they will feel

after surgery. In my practice, I have had many patients come for

consultation after a hysterectomy. While many women recover quickly,

some do not. I have had patients who were shocked at how tired and

depressed they felt for months after surgery. Though their surgeons

warned them not to lift heavy items or engage in rigorous physical

activity during the post-operative period, they received no warning

that their quality of life might suffer, that they might feel more

emotional and upset, or that their sexual enjoyment might diminish

after their uterus was removed.

If you are looking to regain your pre-surgical

zest and well-being, you’ve come to the right place. The stress

reduction therapies and nutritional programs found on this Web site

will help you.

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