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June 14, 2004


Joint Health

Stretch Out

Although it may seem like the last thing you want

to do when you feel stiff and achy, make it a part of your morning

routine to gently stretch all parts of your body.

Start with an upward stretch while you are standing, with your feet

shoulder-width apart. Bring your hands slowly up from your sides

until they touch over your head. Feel your spine pull itself into

alignment. Then slowly bend forward from your hips until your arms

are parallel to the floor at your waist. Go only as far as you are

able to without pain. Then flex your knees so that you seem to be

sitting on air. If you are able, gently let your arms down until

your fingers touch the floor. Do not push yourself. And then come

up slowly.

I also advocate swimming to increase flexibility without adding

to joint damage. Start slowly, with 10 minutes of swimming once

a week and work up. Find a stroke you’re comfortable with, that

you can do for about 20 minutes, to build the muscle strength that

will support your joints.

Another way to stretch your spine is with a BodyBridge that helps

to ease your back into a 180-degree arch, stretching pinched vertebrae,

loosening tight joints, and extending your range of motion. It helps

to release the tension in your neck and back muscles, and releases

the compression in your hip joints.

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