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June 15, 2004

Joint Health

Heal Arthritis Naturally

If you’re between 45 and 52 or at the start of

menopause, you may have begun to notice stiffness in your fingers,

hips, knees, and feet when you get up in the morning. It may be

hard to walk, but as you get going, the stiffness dissipates.

If you’re older, you may have lower back or hip pain that makes

sitting, standing, walking, and even lying down extremely uncomfortable.

Some of you may be in such discomfort that you have given up gardening,

playing the piano, or painting in an attempt to avoid pain. For

others, your very job may be in jeopardy if you work on a computer

and the stiffness and pain are affecting your fingers.

These symptoms usually signal the onset of osteoarthritis, the progressive

deterioration of the cartilage in your joints. Osteoarthritis can

be as debilitating as a heart condition. Often women stop moving

and shut down their lives to try to manage the pain. Resist that

solution. I’ll give you a better one.

During two decades of extensive work with patients, I’ve learned

that nutrition and moderate exercise are better for patients than

drugs. I’ve worked with patients of all ages, as young as a darling

12-year-old with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis to wonderful women

in their 80s suffering from osteoarthritis.

The conventional treatment for arthritis is aspirin or NSAIDs in

various forms and strengths. And in many cases, when patients have

come to me, they were already on massive drug regimens.

Drug makers claim the newest generation of NSAIDs—the COX-2

inhibitors—do not cause side effects like gastrointestinal

distress, but these drugs don’t get at the underlying causes of

osteoarthritis. In fact, they may actually hasten the destruction

of cartilage by suppressing the creation of new cells.

That is not the way to a cure.

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