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Heart Healthy Nutrients

Digestive Enzymes
Instead of the daily baby aspirin many physicians recommend to reduce
risk of stroke and heart disease, I recommend supplemental digestive
enzymes. Like aspirin, dietary enzymes have an anti-inflammatory
that helps reduce blood clotting and clumping. But aspirin
also has many side effects, including the development of peptic
ulcers. Aspirin also promotes overacidity and stresses your body’s
buffering system. Additionally, aspirin and many of the other conventional
therapies inhibit the production of all prostaglandins, hormone-like
chemicals that effect muscle and blood vessel tone and the level
of inflammation within the body. Digestive enzymes such as papain
and bromelain help break down the food we eat so it can be transported
easily into cells. Cells then convert these molecules of food into

Research studies have found that treatment with
digestive enzymes can reduce levels of LDL cholesterol. Enzyme therapy
can also help treat blood clots in the veins of the legs, called
venous thrombosis. These clots are dangerous because they
could break loose and block blood vessels leading to the lungs or

Dietary enzymes also help break up inflammation
caused by trauma, infections, allergens, and toxins, helping your
body recover from injuries.

Supplement your diet and the enzymes produced by
your pancreas and in your digestive tract with these plant-based
digestive enzymes:

Research confirms that bromelain, derived from pineapples, is effective
in reducing platelet stickiness or clumping that can lead to heart
attack and stroke.
Recommended daily dose: 500-1,000 mg three to four times
per day apart from meals. (Note that if you’re taking bromelain
to aid digestion, you should take it with meals. Don’t exceed 4,000
mg daily.)

Papain, from papayas, is effective in treating inflammatory conditions
that affect our cells and tissues.
Recommended daily dose: 200-300 mg with, or immediately following,
meals, upon rising, and before bedtime.

This substance is rich in pancreatic enzymes, including lipase
Recommended daily dose: one or two 300-500 mg tablets four
times daily, apart from meals.

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