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June 12, 2004

Heart Health

Mineral Deficiencies Lead to Heart Problems

The essential minerals magnesium and potassium

are also critical for heart health. Magnesium has many roles,

such as balancing the effect of calcium in neuromuscular contractions,

and helping to regulate the acid/alkaline balance in your body.

It’s also necessary for proper functioning of your heart muscle.

An inadequate supply of magnesium may lead to clot formation in

the heart and brain. It also seems to be important in reducing cholesterol.

People who die from heart attacks have lower heart magnesium levels

than people of the same age who die from other causes.

Eight studies involving over 4,000 patients have demonstrated that

intravenous magnesium supplementation during the first hour of admission

to a hospital for acute MI reduces immediate and long-term complications

as well as death rates. The reason it is so effective is that it

improves energy production in the heart, dilates the coronary arteries,

reduces peripheral vascular resistance, inhibits blood clotting,

and even reduces the size of the blockage.

Potassium also has many jobs, but the one that is important

here is its role with sodium to help normalize the heartbeat. It

also unites with phosphorous to send oxygen to the brain and works

with calcium in the regulation of neuromuscular activity. When you

lack potassium, the sodium content of your heart and muscles increases.

You can lose potassium by over-salting your food, drinking coffee

and alcohol, and eating foods loaded with sugar.

Conversely, potassium has been used to treat high blood pressure

caused by excessive salt intake.

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