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June 12, 2004


Heart Health


Homocysteine is thought to damage

artery walls, making them weaker. Folic acid deficiency is directly

correlated to increased levels of homocysteine in your blood. And

insufficient intake of vitamins B6 and B-12 will impede your body’s

ability to metabolize homocysteine, the intermediate product in

the conversion of the amino acid methionine to cysteine.

Some researchers estimate that 400 mcg daily of folic acid alone

would reduce the number of heart attacks by 10 percent each year.

But it’s also useful to take the other B vitamins to properly metabolize

homocysteine. I’ll give you an entire list of vitamins and nutrients

to take for heart disease prevention at the end of this story.

In a four-year study of 1,500 subjects in the United Kingdom, researchers

found there was a stronger association between cardiovascular-related

deaths and high fibrinogen levels than between cardiovascular death

and high cholesterol.

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