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July 1, 2004


Bone Health

Q&A on Bone Density Test


Now that I am in menopause, I am considering

getting a bone mineral density test. However, I am very confused

about how often I should repeat the test. Can you suggest any guidelines?



Dear Martina,

I am so glad that you asked me this very important

question, since periodic bone mineral density testing is so crucial

for the early detection of osteoporosis. I am particularly attuned

to this issue since I have seen so many women in my practice with

low bone density and even osteoporosis, who are only in their late

40s or 50s.

I strongly recommend that all women get a baseline

test done during perimenopause, or at the very latest during the

first year after menstruation has ceased, since women tend to lose

one to three percent of their bone mass every year during the first

five to ten years after entering menopause. If you have no family

history of osteoporosis, and baseline testing shows that you have

strong, dense bones that are within the normal range, then repeat

testing can be done in three years.

However, if you are diagnosed with low bone density

or osteoporosis, then retesting should be done much more frequently.

Given the dangers of developing an osteoporosis-related fracture

later on in life, I strongly believe that high risk women should

be treated aggressively, and that retesting of their bone mineral

density should be done once a year until their bone mass is restored

to normal. At that point, testing can be done every other year.

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