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October 12, 2003

Welcome to my website!

I’m so glad you’ll be joining me and thousands of other women who

want to take control of and improve their health using holistic

therapies. Throughout this site, in The Lark Letter, and

my bi-weekly e-letters you’ll find

the therapies that I have developed and used for over 26 years to

treat patients experiencing everything from anemia, fatigue,

osteoporosis, and

PMS to menorrhagia, hot flashes,

headaches, and much more.

But before you begin to zero in on a particular

condition, I want to make sure you understand my core philosophy

to health and wellness. I have found over the years that holistic

treatment plans that include only one or two more methods usually

only work for a small percentage of people. But when a combination

of two or more methods are used, a significantly larger percentage

of my patients enjoyed results, and their results were stunning.

I encourage you to try to incorporate as many of

the methods as you can into your lifestyle, so you can enjoy optimal

health. Here’s a quick overview:


Your daily diet plays a very large role in your

overall health. What you eat, and in many cases what you do not

eat can create—or undermine your health. One obvious example

is food allergies. Many women have food allergies that trigger certain

health conditions. By identifying and eliminating the culprit(s),

the condition can often be cured or significantly alleviated. For

more on food allergies, click on Foods

to Stay Away From.

Another example is your body’s acid/alkaline balance.

Few people realize that the body thrives in its natural, slightly

alkaline state. When you are young, you can eat almost anything

and your body will be able to maintain its alkalinity. But as you

age, your body loses its ability to neutralize acids, and your body

chemistry becomes upset, contributing to a vast variety of health

conditions ranging from fatigue

to osteoporosis. For this

reason, I recommend the Alkaline

Power Diet to nearly all of my patients. To learn more about

getting your alkalinity and acidity in balance and find out whether

you need the Alkaline Power Diet, click on:

Getting in Balance:

Alkalinity and Acidity

The Alkaline

Power Diet


Are You Overly Acidic or a High Alkaline Producer?


Your Own Acid/Alkaline Balance


Towards Acidity


Great Alkalinizers


In an ideal world, our daily diet would meet all

of our nutritional needs, and nutrients would not be necessary.

But in this real world, far too many of us for a variety of reasons,

consume diets that do not have enough of the nutrients we need.

At the same time, our lives are overly stressed, increasing our

body’s need for critical nutrients we simply can’t get from our

diet. And the major chronic diseases of the 21st century have several

roots in nutrient deficiencies. That is why I am a strong advocate

of nutrients for prevention, wellness, and in many cases treatment

of diseases. To learn more about nutrients, click on:



Essential Fatty



No holistic program would be complete without exercise

and stress reduction techniques. Exercise, including walking, yoga,

weight lifting, tennis and golfing, just to name a few, is important

to many aspects of overall health.

Exercise helps not only to control weight and manage

appearance, but also to manage menopause

mood changes, prevent heart disease,

osteoporosis, improve strength

and stamina, relieve anxiety and stress, and condition the heart,

lungs, and muscles—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When done on a daily basis, stress reduction techniques

such as breathing exercises, visualization, meditation, affirmations,

hydrotherapy, sound therapy, and light therapy can help bring balance

and harmony to your mind and body.

I’ll guide you through varied, illustrated

exercise throughout each month.




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