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June 13, 2004

Fatigue &

Low Energy

Stress Can Wear You Out

Life tends to plop stress in your lap whether you’re

prepared for it or not, so it’s a good idea to learn skills for

coping with stress. I have enough stress-reducing strategies to

fill an entire book, but low-stress, targeted exercise is one of

my favorites. It improves circulation and functioning of all your

organ systems, loosens joints and muscles, promotes emotional stability,

improves stamina and endurance, and boosts energy levels.

Each individual’s needs are different, but the

following will work for just about everybody:

  • Lower body: Walking
  • Upper body: Low-impact weight lifting
  • Whole body: Swimming, ballroom dancing, golf
  • Flexibility: Yoga, T’ai Chi

For each of these exercises, some instruction in

proper technique can make a world of difference—even for walking.

Instruction is especially important when starting weight lifting,

yoga, or T’ai Chi. Talk to a trainer, sign up for classes at a local

health club, or get an instructional video or audio tape. Start

slowly, keep it non-strenuous, and establish an exercise routine

so you won’t want to go through a day without one or two sessions.

I’ve included some simple exercises to start you

off. Do them every other day for the first week; four times during

the second week, and five times during the third week. If you have

been sedentary, combine these with 10 minutes of walking the first

week, 20 minutes the second, and 30 minutes the third.

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