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June 13, 2004


Fatigue & Low Energy

Acid Overload

In a natural, healthy state, every major organ

in your body works around the clock to buffer acids and keep your

system slightly alkaline. Body cells and tissues contain significant

amounts of buffering, alkaline substances, such as minerals, oxygen,

and bicarbonate; but over time, your body’s ability to buffer acids

weakens. If your cells and tissues become even slightly more acidic

than alkaline, you will tire easily and often.

When I do a fatigue work-up for my patients, one

of the first things I test is their acid/alkaline balance. In many

of them I find over-acidity is the cause of their fatigue, often

caused by diet, lifestyle, or premature aging.

Diet. The Standard American Diet is highly

acidic. Many foods—red meat, vinegar, citrus fruits, alcohol,

dairy products, refined sugar, chocolate, soft drinks, and coffee—contain

large amounts of acidic materials such as sulfur and phosphorus.

Lifestyle. When you’re experiencing physical

or mental stress, you use more nutrients and generate more acidic

waste products that your body can process and dispose of rapidly.

Premature Aging. As we reach our 40s and

50s, most of us experience a decline in our natural ability to balance

our acid/alkaline ratio. For example, oxygen is essential to keeping

our bodies alkaline, yet our lungs’ ability to take in oxygen declines

one percent per year on average. It peaks for women at age 20; by

age 70 oxygen intake is reduced by half. What’s more, after midlife

the ability of our pancreas to secrete alkalizing bicarbonate starts

to decline.

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