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April 8, 2004



Surviving Grief: Caring for Your Emotions

I don’t think there is anything

as soul shattering as the loss of a loved one. Whether we lose a

spouse, parent, child, or even a pet, grief takes its toll on our

emotions and can negatively affect our health. This experience of

loss is not limited to death. Many women suffer tremendous grief

during divorce, when their children leave for college, the armed

forces, or work, and even when close family members or friends move

far away from home.

When the tragedy of loss

occurs, many of us under-go an initial sense of shock, often experienced

as panic, anxiety, disbelief, loss of appetite, even a sense of

numbness. Insomnia and depression are also very common reactions

to grief. I have found the following remedies useful in treating

these reactions, which can make it difficult to function in our

day-to-day lives. These remedies can generally be found in your

local health food store.

Shock, Panic, and Anxiety

Many of my patients have

found comfort with Dr.Bach’s Rescue Remedy, a combination of five

flower essences beneficial for the treatment of panic, grief, feelings

of desperation, nervous tension, and impatience. It is available

as a liquid or cream at or 800-319-9151. See

product label for specific dosage and use.

Sadness, Crying, and Loss

of Appetite

For the overwhelming sadness,

uncontrollable crying, and loss of appetite that often accompanies

grief, I highly recommend homeopathic Ignatia 30C, a dried seed

from the St. Ignatius bean. In cases of emotional trauma, take as

directed, repeating if symptoms return.

Insomnia and Sleeplessness

If you are having difficulty

falling asleep or staying asleep, I have found that valerian root

can be very beneficial. Valerian root has also been used to treat

fatigue, intestinal cramps and other nervous conditions. I recommend

taking 150 to 300 mg of a standardized extract of valerian (0.8

percent valeric acid content) in capsule form, about 30 to 45 minutes

before bed.

Remorse or Helplessness

Immediately following the

death of a loved one, many women experience a helplessness and even

remorse. For these women, I recommend homeopathic Kali bromatum

30C (potassium bromate). Take as directed, repeating if symptoms


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