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April 8, 2004



Depletion Equals Depression

When your neurotransmitters are low, you are at

a higher risk of developing mood-related medical problems. This

is especially true for women with low serotonin levels. While it

is not uncommon to see deficiencies in just one of these pathways,

some women in their 40s and 50s may have imbalances or deficiencies

in both pathways, resulting in a number of chronic conditions, including

migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, depression,

low sex drive, food allergies, or even hypothyroidism. If you are

deficient in one or both of these neurotransmitter pathways, you

can correct this problem and then enjoy a high level of energy,

well-being, and good health.

Many factors besides the

aging process may contribute to low levels of neurotransmitters,

including stress, toxic chemicals, medications, and diet. When your

body experiences stress, it releases neurotransmitters in response

to the stress. The more stress you are under, the more neurotransmitters

are released. In extreme cases, you can actually deplete your store

of neurotransmitters, which in turns causes more stress, only this

time the body cannot help itself. This is when disease and the other

negative side effects I mentioned earlier start to occur.

Toxic chemicals can also

create havoc with neurotransmitter function. Nicotine, alcohol,

pesticides, and some heavy metals can cause irreversible damage

to neurons and neuron receptors. When the neurons and neuron receptors

are damaged, additional neurotransmitters are needed to fill in

the gaps.

Some prescription medications

can deplete your store of neurotransmitters. Ironically, commonly

used antidepressants fall into this category. In many cases, these

medications inhibit reabsorption of a neurotransmitter, so that

your neurotransmitter levels stay elevated, when in actuality, you

are producing less.

Finally, a poor diet can

also lead to neurotransmitter deficits. All of the neurotransmitter

precursors I discussed above are synthesized from certain amino

acids, vitamins, and minerals that must be obtained through your

diet or from supplementation. Sadly, women who eat a low-protein,

high-carbohydrate diet are often deficient in these crucial nutrients.

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