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Causes of fatigue

Fatigue has many causes, generally based
in one of four body systems: the immune system, which protects us
from disease and maintains health; the endocrine system, which regulates
reproductive and metabolic functions; the hematological system,
which forms red blood cells; and the nervous system, which transmits
impulses between the brain, organs, and muscles, as well as controlling
mood and feelings. Among the medical and emotional conditions that
cause fatigue are: stress, depression, anemia,
low thyroid condition (hypothyroidism), fatigue syndrome, allergies,
menopause, and PMS.

Normally, your physician will begin with
laboratory tests on all the body systems mentioned above. Treating
an identifiable malady can correct fatigue, but for many women the
solution lies in lifestyle changes, particularly nutritional choices,
rather than in medication. Stress is also a significant drain on
energy. Women going through emotional trauma (e.g. divorce, job
change, or children leaving home) or physical demands (e.g. taking
care of aging parents) can find themselves wondering where they’ll
get the energy to get out of bed tomorrow morning.

Women don’t always have much of a choice
in the matter. If you’re a single mother or divorced, the responsibilities
of maintaining a household by yourself can wear you down quickly.
The solution is to build yourself up nutritionally so you have a
reserve to draw on.

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