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June 10, 2004

Breast Health

Breast Self-Exam

Early detection can make the difference between

life and death when it comes to breast cancer. The longer the cancer

goes undiagnosed—the more likely it is to spread to other tissues.

One of the most important elements of any breast care program is

a monthly breast self examination. If you do detect anything in

these self exams, don’t panic. Most lumps are not cancerous but

all changes you find should be checked out. You will also want to

be sure that you have an annual exam by your doctor and have regular

mammograms (if you are over 40).

To perform a breast self exam, follow these simple steps:

1. It is important to pick the same time of day each month. If you

are still menstruating, choose a day two or three days after your

period when you are least likely to be swollen and tender.

2. Stand in front of a mirror and look for anything unusual. This

includes puckered, dimpled or scaly skin, or any discharge from

the nipples.

3. Look at your breasts carefully to see if there is any change

in shape since you last examined them. To be sure that you can clearly

identify any change, clasp your hands behind your head and press

forward. Next, press your hands on your hips and bend slightly towards

the mirror.

4. Next, choose a pattern to exam your breasts—the pattern

is not as important as covering the whole area. You can choose one

of three patterns—up and down, in circles, or in “wedged”

sections. Exam your breasts for lumps and thickness.

5. Be sure to check the entire area. Raise your arm and using the

pads of your fingers, cover the breast, the area between the breast

and the underarm, the underarm itself and the area above the breast

up to the collarbone. Check each area firmly.

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