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July 27, 2004


Breast Health

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Exercise Lowers Breast Cancer Risk

A study presented at the Department of Defense’s

Breast Cancer Research Program in September found that lifelong

exercise may cut your risk for breast cancer. Researchers found

that women who engaged in moderate physical activity (walking 2

miles three days a week) over the course of their life significantly

reduced their risk for breast cancer. Specifically, perimenopausal

women who had a long history of exercise reduced their risk by 33

percent, while menopausal women cut their risk by 26 percent. Additionally,

researchers found that those perimenopausal women who had a body

mass index (BMI) of 25 or less were 47 percent less likely to develop

the disease, while postmenopausal women with the same BMI were 31

percent less likely.

While scientists have known for some time that obesity is linked

with a higher risk for developing the disease, this study shows

that keeping your weight down and engaging in exercise can actually

reduce your risk.

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