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June 11, 2004

Stress and Anxiety

Aromatherapy for Relaxation

I often suggest aromatherapy for relaxation. My

favorite scent is lavender, and I recommend it highly for stress

management. I first became aware of the healing power of this aromatic

herb during my early twenties when a friend of mine gave me a beautifully

designed box of fresh lavender that I kept in my dresser drawer.

Every time I opened that drawer, the delightful aroma would greet

me, and I would immediately feel comforted and relaxed.

Several research studies have shown that lavender

has profound stress-reducing and medicinal benefits. One study published

in the Journal of Advanced Nursing tested the ability of aromatherapy

and massage to reduce stress and anxiety. Researchers looked at

122 patients who had been admitted to general ICU. Through random

selection, patients received either massage, lavender oil, or a

period of rest. Only the patients who received the lavender oil

reported a significant improvement in mood and anxiety level.

Other studies have focused on lavender’s ability

to restore healthy sleep for women (particularly postmenopausal

women) who are experiencing sleep deprivation or insomnia. One particular

study from Nursing Times found that 84 percent of patients

who had lavender oil placed on their pillow at night reported sleeping

well; as compared to 64 percent in the control group.

Essential oils may enter the body in one of three

ways—by inhaling the fragrances, as a topical application,

or by ingesting. I recommend placing lavender oil in a steamer,

diluting it in water for a personalized perfume or room refresher,

or mixing it with massage oil for a luxurious bath or signature


Lavender, as well as most essential oils, can be

purchased in health food or beauty stores. For the highest quality,

look for oils packaged in small, dark blue or brown vials.

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