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June 24, 2003



You at Risk for Anemia?

If you answer yes to any of the following, you

may be at risk of developing anemia.

  Yes No
I have poor nutritional habits, including

eating too much junk food.

I don’t get enough iron, B vitamins, vitamins

A, C, E, copper, or zinc from either my diet or nutrients.

I follow a diet high in dairy products

I follow a diet high in wheat products

I have malabsorption syndrome or celiac


I am a teenager

I have heavy menstrual periods

I am pregnant

I have a peptic ulcer

I use laxatives more than once a week

I have chronic diarrhea

I am a vegetarian, and I don’t take any

supplemental B12

I am African American, Mediterranean, or

from a Southeast Asian ethnic group

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