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Adjusting to
a Diet Higher in Plant Foods

It’s a simple, although sorry, fact of life that
as you increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you consume,
the healthy fiber contained in these foods may also increase the
amount of, ummm . . . digestive upset you experience, at least temporarily.
To avoid excess gas and bloating as you increase the fiber in your

Try steaming, or steaming and then pureeing,
your vegetables. This breaks down the insoluble fiber that makes
up plant cell walls, making the vegetables easier to digest.
Start with green beans, green peas, split
peas, lentils, lima beans, fresh sprouts and possibly tofu before
moving on to other legumes.
Try a good digestive enzyme nutrient. Beano
is one widely available product that eases the discomfort so
common after eating beans and certain vegetables.

Ask your doctor about Digestase. It’s available
at health food web sites and stores; take one dose with each meal,
then another one or two hours later. If you develop diarrhea, cut
back on the dose.

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