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The Alkaline Power Diet

The Alkaline Power Diet is an overall, nutritionally
rich diet that is excellent for anyone. It’s very similar to the
way our ancestors ate—close to the earth, with more whole grains
and vegetables than meat. When you think about it, it is probably
what our digestive engineering is designed to manage, and what the
rest of our body needs to support a long and healthy life.

Moreover, this diet will drive your body
toward an alkaline state—pH from 7.3 to 7.4. In this state,
our body processes and systems work best.

If you’re a naturally great alkalinizer,
you can add red meat and other acidic foods like vinegar and citrus
fruits, as desired. The nutritious foods will help you achieve optimal
health, and the reduced acid load will prevent your buffering system
from burning itself out.

This diet, or eating plan, is high in natural
foods, fiber and antioxidants,
providing maximum vitamins and minerals for strong bones and energy,
and enhancing your body’s ability to protect itself from infection
and heal itself from the damage of everyday living.

The diet is not just for you, however. You
should encourage your entire family to follow the Alkaline Power
Diet, changing not just what foods everyone eats, but your family’s
overall eating habits. Starting your children on the right diet
early in life will help them develop strong bones; later in life,
their good dietary habits will continue to protect their bone health.
And, believe it or not, men need just as much help in powering up
their buffering system as women do to maintain optimal health.

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